Living The High Life, Sabres-Style

So last week our dear friend Katebits reported that she had attended a Sabres game in Buffalo, and in the doing, sat in the really, really, really swanky seats. How swanky, you ask? So swanky that they have waitress service, to bring all the food and drink you could desire directly to you at your seats. Pookie and I have been to literally hundreds of hockey games, and we’ve hobnobbed with the high rollers a few times in our days, too, but we’ve never managed to swing in-seat waitressing. Katebits told us all about how wonderful it was, with the not having to get up and wait in line and miss action while refilling your beer, but the thing that really stuck with us was that her friend Robin had a hot fudge sundae delivered to her.


I’m not normally a hot fudge sundae kind of gal, but hearing it put that way, I suddenly had to have one. Sure, it wouldn’t be delivered to my seat, and it wouldn’t be at a live sporting event, but we could totally make up for that by being in our pajamas and watching hockey in HD at home.


Coincidentally, Smitten Kitchen had a post about hot fudge sauce just a few weeks ago, so as soon as Katebits tantalized us with the notion, we embarked on a week of planning to build our own sundaes.


We ordered sundae dishes from Crate & Barrel. We arranged our weekend plans around stopping to pick up ice cream at Jann’s Sweet Shoppe. We made a special grocery run to get whipped cream, sprinkles and cherries. We forgot that we didn’t have corn syrup, so had a second special grocery run to get that at the last minute. And after all of that, it took us about 15 seconds to devour our sundaes.


You know what I recommend? I recommend these sundaes. The hot fudge sauce (which I made with Grand Marnier instead of rum, by the way) is so phenomenal that you won’t even notice there wasn’t personal waitress service.



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4 responses to “Living The High Life, Sabres-Style

  1. Mags

    Ok, this wasn’t what I expected to see when I read the title. It’s about 100 times better :D Looks tasty!

  2. I know, right? You’re thinking all hot wings and 10th-place finishes, and BOOM! We sneak up on you with the hot fudge sundae. :P

  3. Oh yum. You guys know how to party. Hard. With chocolate sauce.

  4. It is TOTALLY party central at Maple Hoo. Big style.

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