We Love Our Camera

So it was sunny and warm today, and we did all kinds of yardfun in the garden, but the best part of the day was taking the 100mm macro lens out for a spin. Here’s a look at the moss growing between the stones in the slate path in the backyard.








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5 responses to “We Love Our Camera

  1. Douglas

    Pookie, we’re surprised you folks are planting tomatoes, already. (Some of us — maybe most of us, we hazard to guess — read IPB Hockey, too.) Warm weather must arrive early in central New Jersey. In northern New Jersey, we wouldn’t plant tomatoes till early May. Now, we’re tempted to move our tomatoes-planting date up.

  2. No, no! Don’t plant your tomatoes earlier on account of us! We were just transplanting our tomato seedlings from their tiny starter trays into larger seedling pots. They’re not going outside for another month at least. I think the plan is to be putting them in the cold frame around May 1 and putting them in the beds proper closer to mid-month.

  3. pretty…pretty…
    When I was a child I loved imagining small folk (fairies and the like) living in little worlds like your moss. A small thing to us, but something large to the wee ones who made it their home.

  4. Lovely! I especially love the moss shadows. And who knew moss looked like that close up?

    The 100mm is superb. And dreamy.

  5. Sarah, I did the same thing! These pictures totally transported me to childhood.

    Carol, the shadows were just so hilariously long. I don’t think I would even have noticed the moss if not for that GIANT shadow! (The 100 is difficult to use, but man, when it works out, I love it so much. :D)

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