Spring Has Sprung: A Photoessay

We have been starting to feel that “why isn’t it Spring yet?” antsiness lately, and discovered something terrible when we tried our usual cure for seasonlonging. It turns out we don’t have very many pictures in our flickr photostream of March, April, and May. We apparently didn’t catch the photography bug until our garden was in full summer swing last year. This is terrible! How are we supposed to wile away the hours at work staring longingly at happy pictures of springtime at Maple Hoo if we don’t have any pictures of it? How??? Well, thank heavens it was a glorious spring day today, and thank heavens we were feeling motivated to gallivant about the grounds here with our cameras.


Pine Cone Pair

Peach Branches


Pine Cone Quartet

Daffodil Buds

Sunny Pine Needles

Crocus Trio

Magnolia buds

Sun Crocus

Sun Pinecone



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9 responses to “Spring Has Sprung: A Photoessay

  1. Sarah

    I love the second purple crocus picture and also the pine cones! I would love to run outside and take pictures but alas, I am glued to the stove making dinner for some certain friends……
    Our garlic has not been tenderly cared for under a hay bed, but it is coming up nicely.

  2. Thanks, Sarah! And glued to the stove making dinner? That’s what I like to hear! My mouth is watering already.

    I’m not sure how essential the straw covering is for the garlic. Heh. Clearly, based on your garlic coming up happily, not essential at all. :D (We put straw over all our beds to keep squirrels from burying nuts in them. It’s worked the past two winters, and we kind of hope that keeps the squirrels out in the spring, too, since they’ll be off looking for their nuts elsewhere. Or something.)

  3. I am glued to the stove making dinner for some certain friends

    Lucky friends! I’m jealous! Heeeeey, wait a minute…

    Also, I’m glad you liked the pine cone ones! I was inspired by the ones you took for Garden Bloggers Bloom Day last year.

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    Sorry for the all caps, but seriously, I love that mugshot Peeps photo. LOLLERSKATES!

  6. Hee! Thanks, Carol! I’ve discovered that this peep mugshot makes a fantastic desktop on my computer at work, when tiled in “small” size. It’s like some sort of Peep pop art. (And no, it’s not my desktop on my computer at home, because that’s where my shirtless pictures of hockey players go. :D)

  7. These shots are absolutely gorgeous! You’ve been holding back over on flickr!!!

  8. Okay, my bad, I see them now over on flickr. But they have way more impact here all together!

  9. HA! Way to be IGNORING us on flickr! (I agree that these look much cooler in a post here. We should do this more often.)

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