Garden Wheels Are Turning

You can tell it’s the very start of the gardening season because we’re still excited enough about everything we’re doing that we’re taking tons of pictures and writing posts about all of it. By July, we’re going to be all, “Garden? Meh. Yeah. It’s such a burden.” But for now, we’re all updates and smiles. Heh.

So yesterday was the first day of Spring, which explains why our backyard was a snowy winter wonderland when we woke up in the morning. Seriously. Everything was covered with a thick, fluffy blanket of snow at 7:30 in the morning; by 9 it was all dripping heavily off the tree branches, and by noon there wasn’t a single snowflake to be found anywhere. Weird. Out like a schizoid lamb, I guess. Anyway, today will stand on the record as the first springtimey day of Spring, as it’s sunny, warm, gorgeous and very, very gardeny. In other words, a perfect day for the onion seedlings to move out of the seedling-starter window in the basement and into the cold frame in the garden.

Onions In Cold Frame

Aside from their unfortunate run-in with Matsui’s Jaws Of Death, the seedlings have been growing without incident, unlike last year, when one of the trays got completely flipped over during watering. No, this year our little baby onions are just growing like gangbusters, and today we thinned them and put them out for their first taste of garden air and full sun. Within a half an hour they were taller and sturdier-looking, clearly happy to have the wind blowing in their hair. It’s supposed to get down below freezing the next few nights, so we’ll still be bringing them inside after sundown, but we’re hopeful they’ll be living full-time in the coldframe within a week.

Garden Vista March 21

So now our garden has all kinds of activity going on in it. We’ve got our pea trellis eagerly awaiting the first little tendrils to start clinging to it, a couple of rows of radish seeds that are showing absolutely zero signs of life (since they were seeds we saved ourselves, we won’t be at all surprised if they turn out to be inert), the cold frame with its precious contents, and the garlic beds, which are but a week away from losing their straw covering. We peeked under the straw in the smaller bed today, and sure enough, we’ve got neat, happy rows of little garlic shoots.

Garlic Under The Straw

Green garlic pesto is just around the corner!

And now that the onions have vacated the seedling window, we’ve been able to move the rapidly-sprouting tomatoes and peppers into the sun.

Jalapeno Seedlings

I smell bumper crop.

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2 responses to “Garden Wheels Are Turning

  1. I have serious cold frame envy. Bumper crop, indeed!

  2. I’m sure the Browne farm is going to be bustin’ at the seams with bumper crops too! I’m getting GREAT garden vibes this year! (And honestly, I never believed I’d be the kind of person who has a cold frame, so I’m kind of envious of myself. :P)

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