Impulse Gardening

Spring must be in the air, because I spent all day yesterday looking at our pictures on flickr of last year’s garden, reading our archived posts about it, and basically just freaking out about how much I can’t wait for our plants to start growing. So imagine my delight when I got down to the nuts and bolts of wasting time on the interwebs at work this morning, only to discover that the New York Times had an article all about planting peas.

The gist of the article? PLANT PEAS RIGHT NOW!!!! If you don’t do it TODAY it’ll be too late!!! And more than that, peas will be harvestable BEFORE YOU’RE EVEN PLANNING TO PLANT MOST OF THE REST OF YOUR GARDEN!

I got on the horn with Pookie immediately, and before we knew it, our garden plans for 2009 suddenly included shell peas.

Sowing Peas

Most of our other crop selections involve careful research of heirloom varieties (and by “careful research” I mean poring over the Seed Savers Exchange and Seeds Of Change catalogs to find the coolest veggies they offer), but we didn’t have time to think about our peas. No, we’d read the article. The Paper Of Record said they had to be planted TODAY, so I just picked up a pack of whatever type of Burpee shell pea seeds they were selling in the section with the greeting cards at my grocery store.

March 16 2009

We put in two rows of peas, with a little fence of tomato ladders between them to work as the trellis. And then we bordered our new pea hedge with a couple of rows of Purple Globe radish seeds from the radish we were too lazy to pick last year, and left to go to seed.

Radish Blossom

Radish flowers are really, really pretty.

It was the most exciting day of the gardening year so far — we planted seeds in the ground! Woo hoo! Now grow, little garden, grow!

NOTE: It was also the most exciting day of the gardening year so far because it was the first day of 2009 where we decided not to water because it was supposed to rain. And it didn’t rain. Go us! The first of many such days, most likely.

NOTE: Also exciting? After ordering a whole new batch of pepper seeds in a complete state of panic yesterday, look what’s started sprouting:

Aci Sivri Seedling

That’s right, if you look really closely there you can see the first of our germinated peppers. If we’d known all it would take would be ordering more seeds, we’d have done it days ago.

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5 responses to “Impulse Gardening

  1. Huzzah! I’ll be planting my peas on the weekend. I think we could have a few days extra due to our up north-age location.

  2. I also read something yesterday that was all “too late! if you’re reading this you’re too late!” but I’m still going to pick up seeds at the grocery store and stick them in the ground today. I don’t know why we didn’t order them-maybe we thought we didn’t want peas? Which is silly because everyone wants peas.

  3. Carol, I think “PLANT YOUR PEAS TODAY!!!” translates into “PLANT THEM THIS WEEKEND!!!” in metric conversion. You should be fine. :D

    Sarah, we’ve always pooh-poohed peas, ostensibly because Pookie doesn’t like them, and you only ever really get, like, a handful of them total. But then the lightbulb went on today that they’d be something growing in the garden BEFORE the real garden season came along. How stupid were we to be NOT growing them before? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the 24 hours you’ve waited here won’t be death to your peas. :P

  4. Sarah

    I was relieved to find out that we had in fact ordered peas from Seeds of Change and they had arrived just a few days ago. I tilled up one garden bed (and it was just full of worms and looked awesome-tomorrow I’m adding some well rotted manure to it!) and tomorrow they go in. I hope my peas don’t read the New York Times

  5. I won’t tell the peas if you won’t. (And I’m jealous you have a nice variety of peas. Ours are probably going to taste like grocery store peas. :P)

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