Garden Fever

Garden Fever struck Maple Hoo hard today, getting us all in a tizzy to have green stuff to poke around at outside. Sadly, that’s still months off. However, we did take one exciting step today:

Starting Tomatoes

Those there are tomatoes. Sweet, heavenly, fabulous, wonderful, gorgeous Jersey tomatoes. We showed much better restraint than we did last year and waited until that magic 6-8 weeks before the last frost before starting them. Here’s hoping that restraint will pay off and we won’t spend all of May in a constant state of freaking out that a frost will kill our tomatoes any instant.

March 15 2009

This year we’re growing Ramapo and Moreton tomatoes, as developed by the Rutgers Extension. Our farm grew Ramapos last year and they were unbelievable. Simply without-a-doubt the best tomatoes ever. I cannot wait to have one fresh from the garden. The Moretons are new to us, but we couldn’t resist them after learning that their nickname is “The Fourth Of July Tomato” because they ripen so early. Sold! Rounding out the group are the black plum sauce tomatoes which made such delicious pasta sauce for freezing.

Meanwhile, the onions are growing happily down in the garden window, and the peppers… Well, the peppers look like they’re doing nothing. So we ordered another set of seeds. And then read our garden calendar from last year and realized it takes over two weeks for peppers to germinate. Oops.

On a happier note, the daffodils that always come up first in our yard are three times bigger today than they were on Wednesday. Spring is on its way!



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2 responses to “Garden Fever

  1. Liz

    Garden time! Woo hoo!

  2. I know, right? The only problem with starting seeds is that I’m now totally in the “the garden is lush and full of delicious crops!” frame of mind. Which it decidedly is not. Bummer.

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