Gifts From My Sister

It’s high time I cataloged here the fabulous stitching gifts my lovely sister, “KtG” (not her real name), has made for me over the years. KtG is an extraordinary needleworker who loves to make fancy, intricate stuff. She’s always picking out projects that call for tons of color-switching over one thread, or which call for specialty stitches, or which call for construction. I do not understand ever wanting to do these things, so I had pretty much resigned myself to a life without fabulous constructed etuis and scissor keeps and such. Little did I know that KtG would want to pick out projects with fussy stitches and construction to make for me! Who could ask for a better sister?

Here are some of the projects she’s made for me:

Acorn Scissors Keep and Fob

Scissor keep and fob; matching needle book not pictured.

Corner Finder Keep

Corner-finder keep; note that it’s personalized “Pookie”!

Corner Finders

Inside of corner-finder keep. I adore these little things; in fact, I think they’re my favorite non-scissor stitching tool.

Needle and Tread Keep

Needle book and thread keeper. One felt flap is for 26s and one for 28s!

Stumpwork Scissor Keep 2

I mentioned I had a new set of scissors without a keep, and then voila! This was under the Christmas tree for me this year!

Stumpwork Scissor Keep

So cute! So, so cute!

In short, KtG’s the best! And because she’s made such beautiful gifts for me, this year, Schnookie and I have presented her with the birthday gift of a quilt. We just need her to pick the fabric and pattern and then away we’ll go!

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6 responses to “Gifts From My Sister

  1. That little squirrel is adorable. When I saw the first picture I thought, “Oooh, I wish I had a closer look at the squirrel.” And then I scrolled down. Heh.

  2. JMS

    Lucky KTG!!! oxox J

  3. I can’t even comprehend how KTG does that.

    Those are beautiful! How cool that your sister did that for y’all. (Or, er…Pookie. Heh.)

  4. Heather, we’re nothing if not thorough here at IPB Living! (We have to make up for it by not being thorough at IPB Proper.)

    JMS (if that is your real name), KtG is tres lucky! Although, we haven’t made the quilt yet, so I suppose there’s still time for us to screw it up. Hee! I’m aiming for something that will make someone think, “The colors remind me of Pookie and Schnookie, and the shapes remind me of KtG!”

    Caitlin, I can’t comprehend how KtG does it either! :D

  5. JMS

    Hah! I think that is better than the colors remind me of KtG and the shapes of P & S… :) Seriously, the perfect response. I am still grinning.

  6. Oh! I just love the bushy squirrel tail. KEE-UTE!

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