We’re Hammering ‘Em Out Here At Maple Hoo

WOOO HOOOO!!! Another finished quilt!

Jellygirl Finis

This one is my Jellygirl quilt, made with Tanya Whelan fabrics (mostly Ava Rose), and I’m excited to report that it took me something like a total of seven weeks to finish. I can’t believe how awesome and quick this craft is! Quilting RAWKS!

Jellygirl Quilted

I am so thrilled with how the finished quilt turned out; when I dropped it off with our long-arm quilter, she immediately exclaimed that she was going to use a rose pattern with pink thread for the quilting. Three weeks later, when she produced the completed product, I nearly died with how perfect it is. And once it had been washed and dried and got all soft and crinkly and delicious? It’s heavenly. I’m happy to report that I think I’m going to need stacks and stacks of quilts now, which means I’ve got my work cut out for me.

So where do I go now that Jellygirl is done? Why, Squaresville, of course!

Squaresville March 7

This is an American Jane pattern that I’m working in primarily prints from the Recess line. I’m cuckoo for giant patterns made out of little squares (our friend Sarah might call this “seedy ducky”), so this was one of the very first patterns I fell in love with when we went on our initial quilting swoon.

Squaresville Patches

The pattern is written out for machine quilters, with all this “sew long strips together and then cut them up into other strips and blah blah blah” gobbledygook. I can’t be bothered with machine quilting because I can’t really do it while sitting on the couch in front of the TV, so I’m going with the “cut a million squares and then sew them together by hand in the pattern” approach. (Or rather, “have Pookie cut a millions squares”.)

Squaresville Neighborhoods

It’s amazing to me how fast the going is on this. It looks all fussy and labor-intensive and impressive, but really, it’s super easy and quick. But, uh… don’t say I told you that. The only part that looks like it might be a drag is the blue and white checkerboard border, but I’ll just keep puttering away on that. As our dad used to say, “Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life is hard.”

Squaresville Rainbow

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7 responses to “We’re Hammering ‘Em Out Here At Maple Hoo

  1. it’s gorgeous, I love the quilted rose pattern. How nice.

    And the square are looking fab too!

  2. How delighted am I that my phrase “Seeded ducky” made it into a post? Quite!

  3. do you think you’ll venture into quilting your own?

  4. Sarah, “seedy ducky” is such the perfect term for it! I love that phrase!

    Jennifer, I’m fairly confident I’m not ever going to try my own quilting. I don’t think I’m patient enough for that! We considered hand quilting one we made together back in the summer of 2000, but when it came time to figure out how to do it, outsourcing seemed like by far the best option. :D

  5. i can’t lie– i quilt my own and i think people are far less impressed with the quilts than they would be if i just sent everything out to be quilted.

    maybe i should start, and then take all the credit…

  6. Well I’m HUGELY impressed, jennifer! You’re a far braver quilter than I am! I think, though, since you clearly know how to do the quilting, you can totally let someone else do it, and then be all, “Why of course I did that myself!” ;)

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