Wherein Liz Improves Our Lives Immeasurably

Around Christmastime, our good friend Liz suggested we needed to acquire some Domaine de Canton ginger liquor. She especially suggested we acquire it to add to hot chocolate. We were intrigued, but for reasons far beyond our understanding, we couldn’t find it at any of our regular purveyors of booze.

Now, two months later, we have finally emerged from the desert of Domaine de Cantonlessness.

February 19 2009


When Pookie told a coworker about the ho-cho/Domaine de Canton beverage, her coworker asked, “What restaurant did you have that at?” Why, a little restaurant we like to call our liquor cabinet, now fully accoutered with all the essentials for a classy, scrumptious wintry treat.

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7 responses to “Wherein Liz Improves Our Lives Immeasurably

  1. Liz

    Welcome to the cult…er…club. It also adds a nice kick to chai tea.

  2. HAHAHAHA! Yeah, I am definitely developing a cultish devotion to this stuff. I’m looking forward to working on some warm-weather cocktails, too. We’ve had it in champagne, and that’s out of this world, but I think it’s also going to be a welcome addition to our mixed drinks. Or I’ll just chug straight from the bottle. :P

  3. LizD

    Gimme your yummie drink recipes. I want something sharp, with a touch of sweet, and maybe some vodka. Of course, i get home at night and have no energy to do anything but pour a glass of wine – no mixing or research involved. I’ll leave that to you guys.

  4. Morgan

    Ahh, my wife, the enabler.

  5. The Domaine de Canton website is chock-a-block with really tasty-sounding recipes, so this should be very fun research indeed! :D

    And Morgan, there is nothing wrong with being an enabler. In this case. :P

  6. Club Shnookie & Pookie is open for business! Will there be cigarette girls? Or at least lounge singers?

    Fingers crossed for a smokey lounge – tiki style – just like in Goodfellas!

  7. Well, we have big breasts, so we probably don’t need any more eye candy than ourselves, right? :P

    And we’ll totally have a smokey tiki lounge! That’ll RAWK!

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