25 Days Of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 19

We’ve been falling terribly behind here in our countdown to Christmas, but that’s because we’ve been justifiably distracted by a new craft hobby (more on that after the holiday). We’d had visions of lovingly photographing and documenting every one of our favorite ornaments, but that’s been totally derailed. For starters, our tree actually looks really good mostly bare:

Ornaments on Tree

But we’ve still managed to dig out a bunch of our faves. Today, let’s take a look at the Arizona specials:

Gourd Hummingbird

This is made out of a gourd of some kind, and Boomer got one for each household between us, KtG, and herself back when she was still in Scottsdale. Now, of course, we have two of them, but we kind of think they’re ugly (don’t tell her), so we only put one up each year.

The other ornament tradition to come from our time in the desert is the handmade ones from The Attic.

Mouse with Candle

This little crewelwork mouse is one of about six hand-crafted, embroidered ornaments we’ve acquired from The Attic’s annual ornament silent auction to benefit breast cancer research. When we were still living there we’d head down to Mesa on the late November night of the affair and enjoy snacks and drinks with our fellow needlewomen, but now we have to just call in our bids ahead of time. We didn’t win any this year, but the auction still raised thousands of dollars, so we consider it a success. (If you’re at all interested in participating in next year’s event, by the way, as either a contributor or just to bid on some of the lovely items up for auction, check out The Attic’s website. Or you can sign up for Jean’s awesome newsletter [which is basically just a regular hit of cross-stitch crack in your email inbox] to get all the latest news and notes from the center of the stitching universe.)


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