25 Days of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 18

For all that we love making and eating Christmas cookies, the sweet that gets consumed most at stately Maple Hoo during the holidays is candy from Williams-Sonoma. It started with the Peppermint Bark and turned into a full-fledged obsession a few years ago. Now we have an annual tradition of cashing out our credit card rewards points in November, redeeming them in the form of Williams-Sonoma gift cards. We then take the stack of gift cards to our local W-S and embarrass ourselves by buying tons of candy. Delicious, delicious candy.

December 22 2008

Among the delicacies are:

Peppermint Bark — white and dark chocolate layered with bits of candy cane

Peppermint Cremes — high-class Peppermint Patties with nice, crisp Guittard chocolate

Caramel-Covered Marshmallows — these are the solid gold nuggets of W-S Christmas candy; they cost an arm-and-a-leg a marshmallow, but they are soooo worth it

Beehives — a new addition to the pantheon, these treats let us in on what our Buffalo friends have known all along, sponge candy is awesome

Nut Creams — chocolate-peanut-butter globs are also new this year and had better be back next year; nothing’s worse than having your favorite candy discontinued

We’re almost at the end of the candy supply, carefully divvying up the final marshmallow and peppermint cremes, but it’s definitely a good thing. W-S candy is like strawberries, the season is that much sweeter for how short it is.

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5 responses to “25 Days of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 18

  1. DAMN.

    That looks good!

    …That is all.

  2. Sarah

    i saw the beehives in the catalog and wondered about them. Do they melt on your tongue? Crunchy? what’s the deal and what do they taste like?

  3. The beehives are crunchy, and taste kind of like honey. They are not AT ALL what I expected. But I did expect them to be delicious, so at least I was right about that.

  4. caramel covered marshmallows? Wow. I’m speechless.

  5. I didn’t think I’d like the caramel-covered marshmallows, but holy cow. Whoever thought to make those is a GENIUS.

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