25 Days of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 17

Ever since Favre the cat became part of the Maple Hoo family, we’ve had the Christmas tradition of hoping he doesn’t break anything, knock the tree over, or hurt anyone (including himself). Favre was, from Day 1, an ornament chaser. And, last year, an ornament breaker. He’s been especially dogged about getting those pesky ornaments off our tree this year…

December 21 2008

… which prompted a short discussion about whether we should be attempting to train him to leave it alone…

Favre Lurks in the Tree

… but when he looks at us like that, we just melt and say, “Just don’t break any of the ones we really like.”



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4 responses to “25 Days of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 17

  1. LizD

    Cute glare.
    So where are the Christmas drinks? Libations, I want special holiday libations!!

  2. Hey, where are the cute pics of Favre playing with his pipe cleaner candy canes?

  3. Yah. That looks like feral Christmas ornament chasing. I don’t think Favre can help himself.

  4. Heather, Favre only does that off-camera. And Rollie is even more nuts about them, but she gets them hooked on her leg and then panics, so it’s not cute so much as hilariously pathetic.

    Carol, I think you’re right. Favre’s just hard-wired that way. We’d have to lobotomize him to get him to stop.

    Liz, you’re going to have to wait until our Christmas morning mimosas for the holiday libations. Only this year we’re cutting out the orange juice and just mixing Grand Marnier with the champagne. Mmmmmmmm…

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