25 Days Of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 15

If it’s the midpoint of December, that means it’s time to buy a Christmas tree! WOOOO! We headed out this year to Kale’s, as we have for every year since 1986 (at least the ones in which we were living in New Jersey), and it took us a whopping two minutes to find our tree. Eagle-eyed Boomer picked it out of the middle of the row of 7-8″ trees, and we all immediately fell in love with it.

Boomer and the Tree

We are very deliberate (read: “lazy”) tree decorators, so our MO is to put the tree up, string the lights immediately, then spend the next two weeks hanging up ornaments whenever and however we see fit. So here’s how it looks on its first day in the house:

Our Tree

We’re all about the fat, old-school lights, because that’s what we had when we were kids. Before bed every night we like to take a minute to turn off all the lamps in the living room and just bask in the technicolor glow.

Christmas Tree Light Shadows

It should be noted that while it only took us a few minutes to find our tree at Kale’s, it took us much, much longer to take pictures of all the amazing Christmas decorations they had in their shop. If any of us were lacking in holiday spirit before going there, we aren’t anymore!

Our Christmas Tree Shopping Excursion



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3 responses to “25 Days Of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 15

  1. EEE! A Boomer sighting! How fabulous and exciting :).

    Your tree is so pretty as well!

  2. LizD

    I think we need to hire you to make our apartment more festive next year. Do you accept unused tickets to Devils games at the Rock for past games? We’ve got a few…..

  3. Boomer is very fabulous and exciting — I’m not going to lie! :D

    And Liz, I think unused Devils tickets for past games sound like a great addition to my many-years-old used Devils tickets still in my jacket pockets…

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