25 Days of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 13

Last year we posted about our gallery of Christmas stitching; this year we have new projects to add. Projects that are spending their first Christmases at Maple Hoo.

First up is “Woodland Santa (#2)” by Prairie Schooler and stitched by me.

Woodland Santa

This is the second Woodland Santa I’ve stitched at Christmastime instead of in anticipation of Christmastime. I made this one up last year during a MacGyver marathon so when I look at it now, I think of that weird episode where Mac took on the killer ants in South America. I’m pretty sure if you look closely, there are some killer ants on those logs.

Secondly, is “And To All A Goodnight” by Blackbird Designs and stitched by Boomer.

And To All A Good Night

This was a Loose Feathers Club design from a few years ago. I simply adore it. I love those fruit-over-the-doorway swags, and Boomer picked a simply stunning linen for this. Too bad it turned out to be one those weird and mercifully rare projects that just doesn’t click with the stitcher. Boomer hated this project every step of the way. She’d complain all night and say, “Ugh, this looks awful!” Then she’d hold it up and it would be beautiful. I don’t know what her problem with it was, but sometimes that kind of thing just happens. In the end, though, we have another gorgeous piece to put up at the holidays!

P.S. That stocking in the picture is not hand-stitched. All six cats get their own stockings, but since they’re just cats, they get chintzy store-bought ones from L.L. Bean. That one with the tree is Mahmoud’s. We’re fairly certain he and the others don’t feel too much like second class citizens for not having hand-made ones like the humans in the house.

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2 responses to “25 Days of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 13

  1. hg

    Hopefully the cats don’t read the blog and find out that their stockings came from a store.

  2. That is SUCH a good point, HG! That’s, like, reason number 10 million why I’m glad I haven’t bothered yet to teach them how to read.

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