25 Days of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 12

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we headed out to the Howell Living History Farm to check out their sleigh bell sale. The old red barn was adorned with wreaths…

Wreaths On The Barn Wall

… and lengths of sleigh bells were available in a variety of sizes…

November 29 2008

… or even in individual servings.

Loose Bells

We bought a strip of eight, and hung them on the back of the front door. They jingle so cheerily whenever the door is opened — although oddly cheerily-ier when I open the door coming home from work, funny that — and they immediately lent themselves to a grand new tradition of ringing them whenever a new present is added to the pile in the living room. The only problem with them is that the front hall has such poor lighting we were having a dickens of a time photographing them.

So I took the bells outside for a photoshoot. They delivered, with lots of fierceness. Jay Manuel would have been very happy with them.

December 8 2008

I so pleased that these will be there to be brought out the day after Thanksgiving for years and years.

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One response to “25 Days of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 12

  1. Sarah

    That is a very fierce, silvery photo. I STILL haven’t been able to photograph our ornaments because of the rainy deluge for the past 2 days combined with the fact that we put our tree in like the least naturally lit spot in the house. Maybe today…

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