25 Days Of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 9

We waited until the weather was super-cold, blustery and raw before trapping the outside of Maple Hoo in its full Christmas splendor. We don’t have any power outlets outside on the front of the house, so no lights for us. Instead? Wreaths!

Wreaths, Wide Angle

We think this might be the only decoration we have for the entire holiday season that Martha Stewart would approve of. It’s pretty classic and stately, if you ask us. Um, just like classic and stately Maple Hoo itself. If by “classic” and “stately” we mean “split-level” and “falling apart”.

Anyway, it was a lovely winter day when we hung these up, with the harsh winds and bright, low sun.

Wreath In The Sun

And while our fingers felt like they were going to freeze off as we sewed (yes, sewed) the ribbons into loops around the garden fence, it was still delightfully fun. Really, between the pumpkins and these wreaths, the fence could not be more perfect for its holiday decorations.

December 7 2008

While we warmed up with some hot chocolate after the be-wreathing and uploaded the thousands of pictures we’d taken of them, we were thankful anew for the light snow the night before. Last year when we put up the wreaths it was, like, 65 degrees. We had the mildest December, and our pictures of the decked halls all featured a lush, verdant front lawn. But this year our photos seem a lot more seasonable thanks to the scraggly remnants of that shocking pre-Christmas snowfall.

Wreaths Aslant


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