25 Days Of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 7

We had planned for this series of posts to be all about the objects that we love for Christmastime, the stitching and heirlooms and cookies and whatnot. But Day 7 kind of derailed us. Some background: this past August we were in Arizona on our stash-building run. The first day we got there we all took naps to recover from the flight, and while dozing, Schnookie had a vivid, vivid dream about a huge snowstorm. As people are wont to do when they’re in Phoenix in August. This set off a terrible domino effect of the two of us becoming increasingly insistent that it’s going to be a heavily snowy winter, and increasingly giddy about that prospect.

It should be noted that snowy winters are aberrant in these parts. Here’s a look at the entirety of our snowfall last year:


It was gone a few hours after falling.

So the fact that we are just utterly convinced that we’re going to have more than one giant snowstorm to traipse through and take pictures of is pretty hilarious. We even got our 100mm macro lens basically just for snowflake pictures (oh, and maybe some ultra macros of the garden next summer, but really, it’s all about the snowflakes).

So fast forward to Day 7. Our Christmassy activities included setting out more of our very favorite decorations, including the cats’ stockings and our German Christmas pyramids, wrapping all the presents, and then building a mountain of wrapped presents in the bow window in the living room to drive us crazy for the next three weeks. Then we took a billion pictures and settled down to watch the Devils beat the Canadiens in overtime, with the plan that we’d upload some pyramid pictures for a post. But then something wonderful happened.

Boomer said, “It looks like the street is wet. Is it raining?”

We went to the window. No, it wasn’t raining.



EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Has there ever been a better “Santa brought all the Christmas presents today so we can gaze wondrously at them for the rest of the month” day than this one?

December 6 2008

Because we are probably never going to have a white Christmas in our lifetimes, this will just have to do.



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4 responses to “25 Days Of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 7

  1. hg


    It snowed about 2″ here last night and as I was brushing the car off this morning, I was thinking about how I could send some to you! Now, it’s just really bloody cold. It’s -15C (5F) with a windchill of -27C (-17F). Brrrrr…. But the walk to the corner store for an onion was worth it once my shrimp/corn/coconut chowder was simmering on the stove and then in my tummy! Whoooo! WINTER!

  2. Okay, that sounds really, really cold. But then again, it kind of makes the delicious chowder seem even better, right? I’m crazy jealous of your 2 inches of snow, but I’m also fairly confident we’ll be getting that much before too much longer. Heh. (It’s supposed to be 60 later this week. Sigh. :P)

  3. hg

    Unfortunately, I think this stupid wind has blown it all away! Maybe it’s blowing down to you. I mean, I’m making the wind bring it to you!

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