25 Days Of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 4

Some Christmas miscellany today:


The wreath we got for our front door at the sleigh bell sale.


The hand-made felted snowman we got at Howell Living History Farm with the gift certificate we won in their photo contest.

Snowman Detail

Our little snowman was ready for his closeup.

And here’s the news from today’s advent calendars:

Boomer always gets the weirdest things in her advent calendars. She opens the window and says, “I got [strange thing that can’t possibly be there]”; We both say, “Yeah right, no really, what’d you get?”; Then we look and, well what do you know? Boomer was right! Today’s advent went something like this:

Schnookie: I got a star.
Pookie: I got a pine tree
Boomer: I got a girl crying over a book. She’s reading a list of all the things she’s done wrong.
Schnookie and Pookie: Nah-uh. Wait… Yeah. Huh. What do you know?

Advent Day 3 Crying Girl


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6 responses to “25 Days Of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 4

  1. hg

    I hauled my Christmas bin out of the closet and am going to be decorating tonight a bit. The 78394 billion cookies yesterday helped get the festivities going. I’m interested to see how young Hada reacts to everything. My guess? She’ll morph into Captain Destructo.

  2. Captain Destructo can’t wait for you to open that Christmas bin up and start festooning your place with kitty toys of all shapes and sizes. Did we ever tell you about the little mousie ornament we had? It was styrofoam shaped like those little fur-covered mice that Favre loves so well, covered with fabric, and was an ornament from our early childhoods in the ’70s. We put it up on our tree in our first house that we bought together, and promptly thereafter, discovered it on the floor, chewed beyond recognition. Pookie actually picked it up and waved it in Favre’s uncomprehending face, shouting, “NO! Favre! Bad cat! What about this ornament looks to you like a cat toy? Huh? What? Wait… sorry. Yeah. Never mind.”

  3. hg

    I will give updates as to the status of my decorations and whether or not Captain Destructo’s Mission of Carnage has succeeded.

    My grandma gave me a stuffed cat from the story about The Calico Cat and The Gingham Dog so I’m sure it will be the first to go. And then, I’m thinking, the shiny fluffy reindeer. I haven’t even thought about the tree except how I’m going to anchor it.

  4. Sarah

    Hmmm…I’m thinking that perhaps Boomer has an active imagination. Your wreath is very beautiful. We are still wreathless. If Walter down the road doesn’t get in some wreaths pronto I’m going to have to go to Shop Rite or somesuch!

  5. I’m thinking that perhaps Boomer has an active imagination.

    Boomer? Overactive imagination?!

  6. Oh no! Boomer’s the Charlie Brown of Advent calendars.

    But that is hysterical.

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