25 Days of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 2

December 1st only means one thing at Maple Hoo — Advent!

December 1 2008

In years past we’ve had as many as nine calendars because we’re a little advent crazy. This year we showed remarkable restraint in only getting one apiece. We rotate the calendars so we all get a turn opening each one. This way no one is stuck with a boring dud of a calendar while everyone else is opening cool windows. Also it’s a Christmas tradition for one calendar to have pictures of innocuous things like snowmen and angels when Schnookie and I are opening its windows, and actuaries and heil-ing soldiers with Hitler-mustaches when Boomer opens its windows (both true stories). This year we have one tall calendar with a big candle pyramid, and two smaller calendars, one with a cute toy shoppe and one with a more traditional Santa in his sleigh. While it is sad to have downsized to just three calendars, it is also quite nice to have reduced the amount of glitter falling all over the floor, our clothes, our hands, and our stitching!

Toy Calendar

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6 responses to “25 Days of Maple Hoo Christmas: Day 2

  1. Where the heck do you guys find these? The only place I could find Advent calendars this year besides the dollar store was Target, and the chocolate tastes like plastic.

    I feel a little empty inside. :(

  2. The interwebs are a fabulous, fabulous thing. I googled “German advent calendars” last year and found a place in Virginia that sells them. This year I think I went with some place in Maine. No, sorry, Vermont. Here’s the LINK.

  3. hg

    Oooooo! I need to send a pic of the one HR made! Last night, I ate a chocolate but not all the pockets have chocolate in them! I’m so excited to see what the little packages are! More exclamation points!!!!!!

  4. Mags

    This is so much fun, and I’m totally jealous because I don’t have one! Well, technically I do, but it’s at my parents’ house. And mine is like HG’s, where not everything is chocolate too! Every morning I imagine opening a little window :)

  5. Pookie, thank you so much! I had googled Advent calendars, but couldn’t find anything I really liked! You’re amazing! A macaroni-plate award for the best librarian I know. (And I know several. No, really! :D)

  6. i love that you guys love advent calendars so much! these look very, very cool. my mom made one for us when i was a baby out of felt and snaps and it’s so simple and perfect that I can’t quite imagine christmas without it. I’ll have to take photos of it!

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