Another Finished Project!

This Saturday I put the finishing stitches in “Santas and Snowmen” and can I just say, it’s quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever made. Schnookie said it’s like a Prairie Schooler black hole, it’s just so densely cute. I’ve seen a lot of Prairie Schooler santas in my life, and even stitched a few, but these little guys? Are the bee’s knees. If bee’s knees are almost unbearably cute.

Santas and Snowmen Finished

I started with the intention of only doing four squares, but once I got halfway through the santa in the middle, I thought, “This is stupid, why stop at four?” I wish I had planned it for six from the start, though, because I’m a little unhappy with how top-heavy this seems. Oh well! Too late now! (I think each of us is learning the true beauty of holiday stitching this year. There’s been an awful lot of “Meh, it’s only going to be hanging up for a month, I’m not fixing that mistake” going around Maple Hoo.) Other than the too-heavy top band (the houses should have been in the middle, or at the bottom), I’m super-duper pleased with how it looks. Converting from DMC to Au Ver Au Sois silk can sometimes be tricky with the bright reds and greens, but I think I nailed this conversion. Plus the charcoal-colored linen I impulse bought five or six years ago at In Stitches down in Virginia was the perfect canvas to make the snowmen really pop. All in all, I love it! There’s no way it’ll be framed for this Christmas, but I can’t wait to have it up next year.

So the enternal question remained… What to do next? I opted for the Blackbird Designs poinsettia, which was going swimmingly until Boomer left this on my laptop for me to see after work on Monday:


Picture from

Wha-huh?!? How had I never seen that book before?!? Needless to say, the poinsettia’s looking distinctly less fun. Methinks I’m too fickle for this hobby.

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3 responses to “Another Finished Project!

  1. Uh oh…I think I’m with you on this one. This changes the whole poinsettia thing, doesn’t it? Besides, you’re so fast you’ll have all these Santa’s done in no time!

    Very, very cute!

  2. I was all, “Carol says do the poinsettia, but… Kris Kringle!!!” :D (I’m just waiting on the supplies for the other santas, and then we’ll see where that leaves the poinsettia. It’s actually looking really cool so far; the colors are a really muted palate that we don’t have a lot of around here at the holidays.)

  3. ::is envious of your stitching::

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