The Lengths We’ll Go For Christmas Joy

On Monday of this past week, we discovered the old-school tinsel decorations were up at our shopping center. On Wednesday, we saw the evergreen festoons being strung on the lampposts of Princeton. And on Thursday, I turned the final big corner of my workday commute and was met with a vision of the ultimate in our little town’s Christmas finery — the light-up snowflakes.

The appearance of light-up snowflakes marks the time of year where we can officially say it’s the holidays. No, we can’t put up Christmas stuff at home until after Thanksgiving, and, yes, we’ll still feel guilty eating Christmas candy too early at any point before December 1st, but that doesn’t matter. If the snowflakes are up, everyday at work seems easier because it’s the holidays! Every bad hockey game (and we’re seeing a lot these days) doesn’t seem as bad because it’s the holidays!

It goes without saying that we couldn’t not go out to photograph the snowflakes, so this evening, once it got sufficiently dark, we ventured out, camera in hand. It was pretty warm, and there had been gray skies all day, but that didn’t seem to be a problem. We moseyed up to the corner and got the snowflakes in our sights. I raised the camera, snapped one shot, and that’s when it started. First it was a drizzle. No problem! Schnookie took a few more shots, then declared the rain was getting a little heavier. Uh, perhaps a problem? Schnookie bundled the camera up and we turned around to head back home. As soon as we got to the top of our street, the heavens opened. Big problem.

I have never in my 30 years, been out in rain that hard for that long. Sheets of rain were pounding all around us. The wind kept changing to make sure every inch of our clothing was as completely soaked as it could be. Puddles turned to oceans beneath our feet! It was awful.

But, we got the picture, and that’s all the matters. Because… It’s the holidays!

November 15 2008

Update: Shortly after getting home, we discovered the camera is broken. We had it under a waterproof vest for most of the rain, and had used it in heavier rain before, but… It’s shot. It’s got a blue light of death and won’t do anything. It tricked us into thinking it was fine because it took several pictures when we got in from the rain, and let us upload all the pictures, but then it gave up the ghost. In short, these stupid light-up snowflakes bring the worst Christmas joy EVAH! Poopy.

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12 responses to “The Lengths We’ll Go For Christmas Joy

  1. I’m having a moment of silence for your camera.

    What a bummer. But on the plus side, it’s camera shopping time! Mmm…camera shopping….

  2. We seem to be cut of the same cloth, Carol! That’s exactly what we were thinking, too. (After, of course, the shock and angry recriminations.) :D

  3. Ok, I used to work for Nextel and when a phone got wet we used to take it apart as much as possible. Once that’s done, take a blow dryer on the coolest warm setting and dry the parts you were able to take apart. You want to try and get all the water dry ASAP. If it sits it’ll corrode and that’s B.A.D.

    Just a suggestion. =)

    PS I think Crunchy has heard of The General’s predicament.

  4. Thanks for the advice, Chaz. We don’t have a blow dryer, so we’re settling for putting it next to the warmest light available in the house, with all it’s various compartments open. Keep your fingers crossed!


    I cry for y’all!

    (But that picture is awesome. Not worth the death of the General, but awesome nonetheless.)

  6. Thanks for the advice, Chaz! And thanks for the sympathy, Caitlin! (I hate that picture right now, but I might, depending on how things look for The General tomorrow [like, is the swelling down? The discoloration normalizing again? Does he look well-rested and less feverish? :P], come back around to liking it again. :D

  7. Iain

    Do you know if the camera has a “damp-spot”? Most phones have this – it’s a little white spot, usually in the battery compartment, which will turn blue if it gets wet. This then lets the manufacturer ignore your warranty. Which sucks.

  8. hg

    But but but… Christmas joy is supposed to be wonderful. Come on camera! Pull through! You can doooooooooooooo it!

  9. This then lets the manufacturer ignore your warranty. Which sucks.

    HA! Well, that explains the little blue light that was coming on… It must have been the “ignore the warranty” warning light. :P

  10. My last camera died when I decided to pour a giant sized rum cocktail on top of it. Poor little guy didn’t like alcohol the way I did. The manufacturer knew immediatly, sadly.

    I hope the General pulls through.

  11. alix, HA! I often force alcohol onto things that don’t want it (“Dammit, Mahmoud, I was under the impression cats love martinis!”), so I appreciate your word of warning about mixing drinks with cameras.

  12. Sarah

    that’s so sad about your camera! I’m so sorry guys. But I’m excited about the snowflake lights.

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