Picky Eating With Pookie: Beets, Beets, Butter Beets

What did I swear when I started writing Picky Eating with Pookie? That’s right, I swore no beets. Hold on to yer hat, Gentle Reader, but tonight? I ate a beet. Two beets! OK, fine, more like two infinitesimal bites of beet, which added up made one small bite of beet. But that’s one small bite of beet more than I was planning to eat this calendar year! The thing is, dinner just looked so delicious tonight.

October 9 2008

Chicken roasted with potatoes (fingerlings from our garden), farm shallots, and garlic (the German White that won our taste test) — it was Autumn served up on the table! So standing there, taking in the insanely delicious aromas, looking at a tray of beets and turnips, I thought, “Well, I suppose I could try a little one.” I mean, look at them! Even the most staunch beet-hater (i.e. me) couldn’t resist.

Beets and Turnips

I asked Schnookie and Boomer which little beet morsel (beetsel?) would be the best. Schnookie directed me to a teensy, tiny bit of Cylindra, one of the few beets on the tray that we grew. I admit, I closed my eyes tight while bringing the fork to my mouth since I’m still very attuned to thinking beet-colored veggies are nasty. I may also have kept my eyes scrunched shut while chewing. I may also have decided, while chewing, that it wasn’t half bad. I may also have decided it was the most disgusting thing ever.

But… Since I took another when offered to me during dinner, I guess I can’t pretend that I find beets the most reprehensible vegetable on Earth. Both bites tasted like Fall. Buttery, buttery Fall. They tasted like what I remember carrots tasting like back when I was a kid and didn’t yet hate carrots. They tasted… almost good. I think it’s an “almost good” that I need to work up to. I think liking beets is a reachable goal, but it might take a few years. I was shocked to discover that they weren’t cooked in butter. They tasted like if Orville Reddenbocher made Blast O’ Butter Beets, only they were roasted in just a splash in olive oil. It’s like nature’s candy, if butter were officially (and correctly) classified as “candy”.

Based on this Picky Eating experiment, I’m not going to be ordering beets as my birthday dinner just yet, but I will confidently say that peas just pulled ahead in the race for the most disgusting vegetable on Earth.

(Also, I ate a turnip. It was also quite tasty. Just as an aside.)



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9 responses to “Picky Eating With Pookie: Beets, Beets, Butter Beets

  1. Sue

    My Grandmother redeemed the negative influence beets had on me with her Pickled Beets…I could stand over a jar and eat the whole thing. My vote for vegetables I choke on goes to Lima Beans (ugh!) and turnip…although carrots and turnip mashed together (New England thing) with a huge amount of “buttah” seems to make it a little more do-able.

  2. Oooh! Nice!

    The beets are taking over!

  3. Yuuummmm, those beets look delish. I may have to stop at Wegmans on my way home…

  4. Ooooh, Sue, carrots and turnips mashed together with buttah? That sounds marvelous! And I have to vote for eggplant as my most choked-on veggie. I’ve got no real beef with the flavor, but the color and texture? *Shudder*

    Katebits, I am now secretly vowing to turn Pookie into a regular beet-eater. This WILL happen. Mark. My. Words.

  5. Chaz, I think celebrating hockey tonight with beets is a grand idea! :D

  6. Even I’m like “Carrots and turnips mashed in butter? Hmmmm…” :D

  7. congratulations on the beet consumption! I totally agree that certain things really, really need to be worked up to, and beets are definitely one of them. Also, turnips? My mom is in charge of bringing them to holiday dinners, because she and my grandmother are the only ones who will eat them, and once I started eating them, too, it’s like some special treat and I’m one of the big kids because I eat them when all of my aunts and uncles won’t go near them. (But I also find them to be quite tasty. Am not just in it for the glory, I swear.)

  8. “Carrots and turnips mashed in butter?”
    We FC’s do carrots, rutabega and potato and mash it together with Milk and butter. SO delish.

    My dinner beets were wonderful. I am even going to attempt to make collard greens.

  9. Mags

    You’re a better person than I am. Because seriously, I’m NEVER going to eat beets. ickyyuckyblergh.

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