Another Finished Project!

On October 6th I put in the final stitch and added my initials to “When Witches Go Riding”!

When Witches Go Riding Finished

From start to finish it only took 13 days (ooooh, spoooooky!) to work; the perfect amount for a little intermission from a big project like MFBville. This project really couldn’t have been more fun. I got to scratch that early Fall itch by immersing myself in Halloween motifs, I got to bask in the comfort-food-of-stiching simple joy of the Prairie Schooler style, and best of all, I got to play with different fibers. I said when I started it that I wasn’t completely sold on the Belle Soie silks, but I do believe I was wrong! Not only are the colors fabulous, but the threads are almost lighter than air. I was afraid I’d not be careful enough with the variegation, but in the end I’m pretty pleased with the effect of the gray in with the black.

When Witches Go Riding Spooky Tree

(Please ignore the results of what happens when you stitch with a cat in your lap.)

I was even more pleased with how the orange color (aka Lasagne) worked out for the leaves. I didn’t read the chart very closely in the store, and as a result I neglected to buy a gold color for the leaves by the owl. Instead, I used the darker end of a thread in the skein of Lasagne for one leaf, and the lighter end for two others.

When Witches Go Riding Leaves

So now this piece is off to the framer and then off to the basement until next Halloween when it will be taken out of storage with much, “oooh, the black cats are so cute” and “aaah, I love that spooooky tree!” and “hey, remember when we spent a Saturday pommerdoodling over this chart?” And now I’m off to MFBville, where I believe I left off with some pretty boring trees. Muh!

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11 responses to “Another Finished Project!

  1. AAHHH! It’s gorgeous, Pookie, gorgeous! That’s Belle Soie silks, then?! A puddle of drool has formed on my keyboard, methinks…

    I, uh, totally ACCIDENTALLY ordered this when I kitted up the last of Older Sister’s baby sampler. It fell in there by mistake! Honest…honest.

  2. Meg

    I love this one, Pookie. It’s so much fun! :D

  3. oooh it turned out so cool! you already know how I feel about that font, but the little frowny face on the pumpkin in the bottom right corner? irresistible!

  4. Thanks, guys!

    Caitlin, you’ll have such a blast stitching this, I promise! It’s the anti-Icebergs!

    elizabeth, the frowny faced pumpkin is just too perfect for words. I mean, who thinks to put in a frowny faced pumpkin? It makes me want to carve a bunch of frowny faced pumpkins for this Halloween.

  5. Mags

    This is so cute! I tried to pick out my favourite feature, but I can’t. I love everything about it :D Good job, Pookie :)

  6. Ha! I just noticed the witch is stepping over a mushroom! And the rickety fence is so cute! I just LOVE this chart!!

  7. Thanks, Mags!

    The mushroom cracked me up when I stitched it.

  8. I’m not usually a holiday type stitcher, but I really do like this one. Great Job!

  9. So cute! The house and the fence and the ground remind me of the way I used to draw when I was about 8.

  10. It’s beautiful! I can’t believe you finished that so quickly. All those pumpkins and even a couple of white ones in there, too. This is completely awesome.

  11. It really did go up quickly! A lot of times I’ll pick something like this up and think, “OK, this looks like it should only take 2 weeks, but if I’m honest, it’ll take 4.” I was all set to be working on this a while longer and then — BAM! — it was done. It was a little sad!

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