The Youngier, Prettier Project

There was a request in the comments today (uh, from my co-blogger, but we’ll just pretend it’s coming from one of the zillions of people who read IPB Living with their morning coffee) for a picture of “When Witches Go Riding”, the Prairie Schooler Halloween project I just started. Normally, I’d wait until Sunday to take in-progress pictures (as my highly scientific progress report system requires) but I’m willing to bend the rules this once. Why? Because my every expectation for this project — all of which were sky-high — has been blown out of the water. The colors and the linen and the design are just simply wonderful.

When Witches Go Riding

I had promised myself I’d wait until the hockey season starts (roughly mid-way through October) to embark on this project, but I just couldn’t wait another day! I was itching to start it and then I was served up the perfect September Sunday and a day of doing nothing but watching football. How was I supposed to resist? The idea behind working a project like this well past the time of year that I could get it framed in time for the holiday is to be celebrating the season as it passes. If I’m going to be eating candy corn, I might as well be stitching black cats, pumpkins, and witches not boring old trees.

Do I feel guilty that I put MFBville down before reaching my goal of finishing half of the squares before moving on to another project? Not one iota! Did you see these colors?!

When Witches Go Riding Detail

Anyway, MFBville will be there for me when I finish this one. And it wil be there for me when I finish whatever Christmas thing I start working on in Mid-November! Good thing for the citizens of MFBville, there should be at least two months after Christmas before I’ll want to work on a Spring piece.



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10 responses to “The Youngier, Prettier Project

  1. I LOVE THIS! I can’t wait to see the finished project. Did I mention I love this?

  2. Mags

    This is so awesome! (Guess what I bought yesterday… a stitching chart *headdesk* like I need another hobby)

  3. julieliz

    I think you’d be surprised by how many people (ok, “lurkers”) read your blog with their morning coffee. I have no idea who you two are, you wouldn’t know me from Adam, but I faithfully check for updates every day! (I found you one day when Googling “mojito sorbet” in case you were wondering.) You are exceedingly witty and entertaining, and are living the life I sometimes wish for – you know, when the kids are screaming and we’re late for the bus, which, in turn, makes me late for work, and I haven’t picked up a stitching project in YEARS, and my vegetable garden is sorely neglected, and I just wish I could spend more time on a lovely dinner…

  4. Dude, I have the most wicked case of stitch envy now. That is seriously…just…so awesome. :D I love those cats!

  5. I have no idea who you two are, you wouldn’t know me from Adam, but I faithfully check for updates every day!

    Isn’t the internet wonderful? :D

    Thanks for piping up, Julieliz, and nice to meet you! And thank you so much for the kind words about our blog. Did you make the mojito sorbet, and if so, was it not the most awesome thing in the universe?

    Did I mention I love this?

    Carol, if you left the stem off the pumpkin, it could almost pass for a skull!

    like I need another hobby

    I was just thinking the other day, “You know what Mags needs? Another hobby!” Hee hee!

    Dude, I have the most wicked case of stitch envy now.

    It’s gonna be nothing compared to how seething with stitch envy I’m going to be when you finish the “Icebergs”! (I just typed that the “Icebergs!” which I think should be it’s new name. It sounds ever so much more exciting!)

  6. (I just typed that the “Icebergs!” which I think should be it’s new name. It sounds ever so much more exciting!)

    Ooh, I shall knight it that when I get home! Icebergs! Heh.

    I set aside my entire Sunday to stitch on that thing. Here’s hoping. I really need to pick up that magnifying glass thingy…

  7. hg

    1. I have a new project on the go. It’s awesome. It’s quick. It’s a surprise for Mr.A so I can’t say anything more just in case he’s one of those “lurkers.”

    b. I think the mail man is getting tired of me glaring at him out the window. Is it here now? How about now?

    *. I have a new fridge! And a real coffee table! And I’m having guests over tomorrow for a scrapbooking get together! NBL! Whooo!

  8. Hey, Mr. A, if you’re lurking right now — Look at that hobo! ***psst! He’s distracted and looking the other way — what’s the project?!** Hee hee!

    A new fridge, coffee table, and entertaining?! How exciting! It truly is NBL!

  9. I’ve never done a holiday/seasonal piece, but this seriously makes me want too.

  10. Chaz, holiday projects are so much fun! It’s a socially acceptable way to stretch out the celebration for months on either side of the holiday!

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