Peeking Under The Soil

I couldn’t wait another minute — this weekend I simply had to pull up a carrot to see what’s going on under those giant, fluffy fronds.

I knew it was too soon, that they weren’t going to be full-sized, and that they probably were going to be bitter and nasty, but they’re carrots! How could I resist?

These are Red Dragon carrots, from seeds we ordered from Seed Savers Exchange. They were very short, about four inches, and were just amazingly brightly colored. Even more amazing than the colors, though, was the flavor. Where we were expecting bitter under-ripeness, we were stunned by how sweet and a bit spicy they were. Just like they’re described! Sure, they were a bit on the young side, and aren’t ready for a total harvest of the whole crop, but I am so excited for them. I think carrots are my favorite crop of all, if just because when you harvest them, you’re pulling a carrot out of the ground. That’s just wild.



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6 responses to “Peeking Under The Soil

  1. I’m SO jealous. I can’t eat carrots unless they’re cooked beyond oblivion until August of next year. sniff, sniff

  2. Pookie doesn’t much care for raw carrots, either (do you have an allergy or just dislike them?), so not everyone was as excited to try these in the raw as others. I prefer them cooked, too, but I’ll take carrots pretty much any way I can get them. :D

  3. I have braces. =(

    I love raw garden carrots, and prefer to cook the Wegmans carrots. You’d think a carrot is a carrot, but there is a HUGE difference in fresh garden carrots and the fake carrots at the grocery store.

    Thankfully, my braces should come off right around the time the carrots pop out of the ground next year. I think it’s a sure sign that someone loves me! LOL

  4. Oooh, a coincidence of braces removal and carrot crops? It can only mean that you’re living right, Chaz! :D (And I’m sorry you still have a bit of a ways to go. I don’t miss my braces at all, that’s for sure.)

    There really is a massive difference between grocery store carrots and fresh garden ones, but I’m learning that’s kind of true about all produce! :D

  5. Eeeee! These look so great and delicious! I need to plant my Scarlet Nantes carrots this week.

    Everything from y’all’s garden looks delicious. :)

  6. Aw, thanks Caitlin! But you only say everything looks delicious because we didn’t take pictures of the peanut crop, which was a total failure. We planted tons of peanuts and only one plant grew. It looked like it was doing its thing, but when we checked on it the other day, it had grown only a scant few stunted, disgusting little nubbins. We are not going to attempt peanuts again. And, um, meanwhile, LOOK! CARROTS! :P

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