Daily Archives: September 2, 2008

Peeking Under The Soil

I couldn’t wait another minute — this weekend I simply had to pull up a carrot to see what’s going on under those giant, fluffy fronds.

I knew it was too soon, that they weren’t going to be full-sized, and that they probably were going to be bitter and nasty, but they’re carrots! How could I resist?

These are Red Dragon carrots, from seeds we ordered from Seed Savers Exchange. They were very short, about four inches, and were just amazingly brightly colored. Even more amazing than the colors, though, was the flavor. Where we were expecting bitter under-ripeness, we were stunned by how sweet and a bit spicy they were. Just like they’re described! Sure, they were a bit on the young side, and aren’t ready for a total harvest of the whole crop, but I am so excited for them. I think carrots are my favorite crop of all, if just because when you harvest them, you’re pulling a carrot out of the ground. That’s just wild.



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