There’s A FIRE! Sale.

Okay, so today was Labor Day. Big time BBQ day. Perhaps the last traditional BBQ day of the year. (Granted, I prefer grilling in the Autumn, when it’s not as buggy out, and I’m more interested in eating meatstuffs, but that’s beside the point.) So I decided to do my civic duty and make Pookie’s favorite pork and bacon kebabs, since this is also kind of a birthday dinner for her. Pookie decided to take The General out back while I was cooking, on the off chance there was some cool fire action to take pictures of.

It’s almost like she’s prescient.

Things started nicely enough.

The grill lit up well enough, considering the false starts I had when I put too little newspaper in the chimney starter, and The General was kicking ass taking pictures of the leaping sparks. Fun!

I built my usual massive fire, and then brought out the meat.

I thought nothing of the fact that I’d put double the bacon in the kebabs, until, well… until all hell broke loose.

Uhhh… that’s a lot of flare ups.

Holy crap! Everything’s on fire!!

The fire trucks are going to be here any minute now!!

Our entire driveway was choked with smoke, but our neighbors managed to stay calm (even though I might not have. There was much freaking out while trying to minimize the fire without sacrificing grilling the meat). And in the end it was worth the drama.


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10 responses to “There’s A FIRE! Sale.

  1. Sarah

    I confess to not even reading your post because I just had to snort and giggle over imagining Lindsay saying “There’s a fire sale!” and getting the job over Tobias.

  2. Schnookie

    I confess to almost not writing the post because I was laughing so hard at the title. :D

  3. Amy

    The General did a really great job of taking photos of the (almost) towering inferno. The sparks picture is really kind of cool.

  4. Schnookie

    Thanks, Amy! I love the sparks picture — The General is so kick-ass!

  5. hahahaha fire sale. Poor Tobias. But beer, and double bacon? And on the patio? With the General? Perfect way to spend Labor Day!

  6. Schnookie

    But beer, and double bacon? And on the patio? With the General? Perfect way to spend Labor Day!

    Oh, absolutely! Other than the whole “shaving a few years off my life” aspect of the affair, it was heavenly! :D

  7. Pookie

    Schnookie said last night, and she was so right, that the BBQ sounded exactly like the Fire Swamp from “The Princess Bride”.

  8. Graet, now I have to go watch that episode. Thanks a lot IPB Living, thanks a lot….

  9. Pookie

    You’re welcome, Kristin!

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