Restocking The Stash: On The Road With IPB Living, Chapter 3

We took a little detour on our stitching vacation this morning, because we’ve recently made a resolution to be more adventurous. Many years ago, when we were in grade school, a teacher from our school and his family participated in an exchange where he went to live and teach in Hawaii, and the teacher from Hawaii brought his family to Princeton to take his place. The family from Hawaii, the Colefleshes, were total go-getters. For their year in New Jersey, they made a point of going to see and do everything. No matter how ridiculous the art fair, or folk festival, or local museum, or living history demonstration, or parade, or public concert, they were there. They grabbed life by the horns, in as dorky a way as humanly possible. And now we’ve decided we should do that too. We want to be more like the Colefleshes. So in that spirit, we decided to spend a few minutes this morning at a little desert garden/park thing that was installed in an empty lot next to a senior center in our neighborhood about a year before we moved away. We had been intrigued by it back then, but too lazy to bother checking it out. Well, we didn’t fly 2500 miles this week to NOT go look at it, did we?

It’s a tiny little park, and it’s got essentially a manufactured “natural” landscape thing going on inside it.

Even in such a tiny space, we saw some fun desert wildlife. There was a lizard…

… bees in a cactus flower…

… and, among a lot of more boring birds, a bevy of quails.

There were dozens of the quails, but they were, for the most part, elusive prey. They all huddled under a sprawling, shrubby palo verde and made that sound of theirs that is best described as sounding like balloons rubbing together squeakily.

The park was very charmingly laid out, with a spiraling path designed to look like a rattlesnake.

At the center of the path, there was a giant rattlesnake head and tail.

And near the entrance to the park, hidden among the brush, was a sculpture of a bat drinking nectar from a saguaro.

Around the base of the sculpture was a story about a bat whose sonar failed him so he was essentially blind. He cried that he would never be able to find nectar to eat, and was reassured by the voice of a snake nearby. The snake told him he would guide him to food, so the bat started flying…

What a wonderful little park! We’re so glad we took 20 minutes out of our way to check it out. So far, in our newer, better, more Colefleshier life, things are going swimmingly!



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5 responses to “Restocking The Stash: On The Road With IPB Living, Chapter 3

  1. I love all the pictures! Is that a cactus carcass in one shot? Weird.

    I’m excited by the idea of Colefleshiness, hopefully it will follow you back to New Jersey! Maybe I will even try to be Colefleshier!

    And I can’t believe you guys are coming back so soon. You were only gone like 2 days!

  2. hg

    You know what this classifies as, right? Winging it on holidays!

  3. kristin, we can Coleflesh it up TOGETHER! Heh. It’s something that is surprisingly contagious, especially when you’re camera-y inclined. :D (And yeah, that is a saguaro carcass. They’re really intense plants, basically.)

    hg, we were TOTALLY winging it! You’ve brought so much joy to our lives by being our winging-it coach!

  4. hg

    Anytime! I’m so glad I can help! It’s like a new branch of NBL!

  5. It’s like finding and exploring a new NBL continent!

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