13 responses to “Baked Pinquito Beans — A Revelation

  1. Oh my god BACON.

    This looked delicious and then I just saw thick strips of bacon and drooled all over myself. Heh.

  2. Yeah, everything’s always about the bacon. :D

  3. hg

    I have this on my water bottle.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! HG, that’s AWESOME! And it’s my new motto.

  5. Liz

    Inspiring! I love the crock.

    And is that pork **heirloom pork**? Wa ha ha ha! (That’s me and Morgan chuckling. Can you tell?)

  6. Hee hee hee! I can always count on you and Morgan, Liz. :D

    (And no, it’s just Whole Foods pork. Nowhere near as hilarious.)

  7. That recipe sounds amazing and I love your crock. It’s so cute.

  8. hg

    I love it. People look at me funny whenever I pack around the bright pink bottle. Hee hee…

  9. Thanks to all of you who like my little beanpot! It makes me so happy every time I use it — I feel so wholesome. :D

    HG, your water bottle doesn’t have sparkles? What gives?

  10. hg

    It used to have sparkly stickers but they have worn off over the years. I guess it’s time for new ones! I should really BeDazzle it.

  11. Oh, water bottles need BeDazzling. :P (Mine’s just a boring dark blue. Pookie’s got a bright pink one, though!)

  12. It sounds like it needs not just sparkles, and not just BeDazzles but… MACARONI!

    I love the bean pot, too. I love calling it a “bean pawt” like Pando would.

  13. hg

    My travel mug is blue sparkles though. It’s the most beautiful mug in the world. It’s from the evil coffee place but as soon as I saw it, I knew it was mine. The mug’s name is Ballerina.

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