Burl: Completed!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I never thought this day would come!

I impulse-bought this during our last trip to the Attic two years ago; I am such a sucker for Prairie Schooler designs that I tend to forget how much I hate working on linen. We spent some time between shopping sprees at the Attic in a resort hotel out there, sitting around our little suite and stitching. I started on the deer square then, and, as I was reminded how much this is not my medium, I made my usual attempt at deflecting attention away from how I was never, ever, ever going to finish my new project. My tactic? Giving the animals in the piece goofy names and then making fun of myself. In this case, I named the deer Burl.

Burl and I had some good laughs together, and I actually finished his little square, and then? I put the project away, theoretically never to see it again.

But then the new Prairie Schooler designs came out earlier this month, and Pookie called my bluff. As I whimpered about how I wanted to be working on the fancy-schmancy new designs, she was all, “I know exactly where Burl is in the basement. Why don’t you finish him?”

FINE! I’ll work on him!

The next step was the bunnies, a square that went up surprisingly quickly.

How encouraging! I was even able to get over the fact that the shadow under the bunnies makes the one on the left look like he peed. I had suddenly gone from being terribly neglectful to motoring along, and the end was in sight!

Next up, in my “head down, power through” attempt at finishing a piece on linen? The sledding kid.

I love the curl of his little scarf, and how darlingly retro the whole look is. This aesthetic is a very welcome addition to the Prairie Schooler winter vernacular.

Finally, with trembling hands, I moved on to the final square, and the reason I fell in love with this design in the first place:

Of all the many holiday cross stitch designs I’ve seen in my life, which are many, I have never seen one for Groundhog Day. Who could resist? I tried naming the groundhog Bernard, just in case I didn’t get around to finishing the header and border stitching, but it didn’t take. At this point, if I didn’t finish, I was stupid.

There was a minor meltdown along the way when I realized I’d miscounted the space between the top squares and the bottom squares, and I got kind of cranky doing that big header because it wasn’t all cute and tiny like the winter scenes were, and I fretted no small amount about doing double running stitch for the first time in my life instead of backstitching the borders, but you know what? I finished it! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!



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15 responses to “Burl: Completed!

  1. Yea!!!! Congratulations! This piece is beautiful.

  2. Thanks, Chaz! Me finishing something on linen is like a miracle! :D

  3. EEEE! It looks so wonderful!

    I can’t break myself of backstitch, no matter how hard I try!

  4. Thanks Caitlin! And don’t worry about the double running stitch — I’ve been stitching for probably 20 years and have only now broken myself of backstitch. It’s definitely not something to rush into willy-nilly!

  5. I love this piece so much! I love how expressive the groundhog looks!

  6. I just love that there’s a groundhog in there, period!

  7. The presence of a groundhog is just so goofy. Who makes a piece for Groundhog Day? This is so marvelous that this is a piece specifically meant for the dog days of winter!

  8. hg

    Did you know one of the bunnies names is Franklin? And the other is Sparkle? They told me.

  9. So pretty!! The groundhog makes it! It takes it from a ‘ho hum winter christmas scene’ to an exciting winter time extravaganza. Very nice.

  10. Franklin and Sparkle! OF COURSE! HG, what would I do without you?

    And thanks, Erin! I’m so excited to have a just “winter” piece, as opposed to all the Christmassy pieces we hang up around the house and just sort of pretend they’re applicable all winter long. :D

  11. I love the “Winter” banner. That’s so pretty, too! Heh, every time I come back I find something I really like about this…

  12. Heh, every time I come back I find something I really like about this….

    That’s what Prairie Schooler is all about. (I think I might start the November Winking Windows one tomorrow! Or maybe even tonight! EEE!)

    HG, I’m so glad the bunnies made themselves known to you; I was tired of calling them “sir” and “m’am”.

  13. I think I might start the November Winking Windows one tomorrow! Or maybe even tonight! EEE!)

    EEE! I’m so excited to see what you do with it!!

    That’s what Prairie Schooler is all about

    Heh, eventually I need to order some. :D

  14. hg

    What bugs me is that I can name those bunnies like the speed of light but the cat? DAAAAAAAAYSSSSS without a name.

  15. Well, there’s less pressure to get the bunnies right. :D

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