MFBville In Progress: Week 7

Seven weeks into the MFBville (aka “Villages of Hawk Run Hollow”) I’ve finished 3 of the 12 squares. I’m a quarter of the way done! I have two weeks to go before flying out to Arizona for an Attic Needlework shopping spree, at which point progress on this is going to come to an abrupt halt. How much can I get done before this gets tossed aside? We’ll see!

Here’s the third square I finished, the first on the overall design:

I anticipated my favorite part of the square would be the snake, but in the end, I was pleasantly surprised by the red plants. The rust color is such an unusual choice for foliage, but it ties all the other colors of the square together.

The next square up looks like it might have some annoying little tiny spots of color. I’ve had it easy so far. I doubt I’ll be unveiling a finished square after Week 8.



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11 responses to “MFBville In Progress: Week 7

  1. hg

    I’m on pins and needles just waiting to watch MFBVille grow!

    And, thanks to my new addition, I fear that my stitching may be put on hold for the next little while.

  2. Kitties love stitching! It’s like a playground their person assembled JUST FOR THEM. :D

  3. You never know, HG, maybe the new kitty will be a helper kitty*! Maybe she’ll retrieve your threads and meow when you’re about to miscount. Give her time! :D

    *We used to try to “train” Mahmoud to be a helper kitty by sitting on the couch and saying, “Helper Kitty! Get me a Diet Coke!” It didn’t work. But once Kate the Great had a friend over to her house to help paint some walls. After an exhausting day they both flopped on the soda, too tired to make dinner. KtG, who doesn’t have a cat, said, “Helper Kitty! Get me dinner!” The friend was like, “WTF?” That story cracks me up.

  4. hg

    Also a playground? Her box.

    Really. She makes so much noise playing in her room in her box. It’s RIDICULOUS.

    Oh, she’s just jumped up and is trying to walk on the laptop. She says hi. Where was I? Right.

    Helper Kitty sounds like a good plan. Mr. A is completely taken with her. He wants to take her in the car.

  5. hg

    OH. Her favourite thing when I’m on the laptop? To sit67777777777777775555556y6yyyyyy444444444446988888dx

    Sorry, that was her. Anyway, she likes to sit on the trackpad and tries to catch the cursor/arrow on the screen.

  6. Sorry, that was her.

    Hee hee! Hi Monkey! Mahmoud likes to walk on my laptop but he always seems to hit the key that turns the right side of the keyboard into a number pad. It’s super annoying.

    Also a playground? Her box.

    Matsui loves boxes so much we had a beer box in our living room for months.

  7. Matsui loves boxes so much we had a beer box in our living room for months.

    Yeah, my cat loves boxes, too. We did learn an important lesson that you can save money on expensive cat toys, because all our cat really loves is plastic straws. We just buy him one of those economy packs and let him go to town. Why he loves them, I don’t know, but if you ever get take out or fast food, you’d better watch your drink, because he’ll steal the straw.

    And I love MFBville! One of the reasons that I’m glad you’re doing this is that out of all the MFB designs, MFBville was the one I felt “meh” about, because all you ever get are pictures from far away! But up close, you can see all the little details – I had no idea there was a snake OR stained glass windows. In conclusion, I’m decidedly not “meh” anymore about MFBville as a design!

  8. Hi Monkey! She’s such a good typist, HG! And yeah, I’ve got to say, we’ve got SO MANY empty boxes lying around our house because, with six cats, there’s always at least one who is acting like they’ll die of unhappiness if we take one of the boxes out to the recycling. It’s uncanny how, just when you decide no one’s been playing or sleeping in a particular box, all of a sudden one of them decides, “This box is my favorite thing OF ALL TIME!” Caitlin, that’s so cute about your kitty and the straws! Ours are like that about twist ties, although they tend to look with disdain at twist ties we give just to them. They want ties that were used for something. They’ll be like, “I don’t want your charity” if we specifically break out a twist tie to serve as a toy.

    And I agree about MFBville being very “meh” at first, second, and third glance. When it first came out, we flat-out rejected it. But when you start to take a look at all the details, it’s just so clever and adorable and well-thought out! I’m so glad Pookie’s working on it, too.

  9. MFBville was the one I felt “meh” about, because all you ever get are pictures from far away!

    It’s so true. I loved the graveyard at the bottom, but it wasn’t until I noticed the cute little horseys at the blacksmith that I was like, “Heeeey, this is pretty cool!” I didn’t notice the snake until I had the chart out. As for the horseys? They’re currently kicking my ass. I don’t know what the moral of this story is…

  10. Oh and straws are a perfect kitty toy! Favre used to chew on pens so we got him little teensy tiny rawhide chews, but he wasn’t into them. It was very disappointing. I loved the idea of having a cat that liked rawhide. :D

  11. You must have a wonderful camera, Pookie. I love seeing the details of your progress, front and back! I’m sure my digital camera can’t focus close enough to show individual stitches.

    If you teach Helper Kitty how to fetch diet Coke, be sure to share your training method with the rest of us. :)

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