A Summer Dinner In Photos

One of the primary reasons we keep up this blog is to have a place to put the pictures we want to look back on and bask in. Basically, in the sweltering heat of summer we like to soak up the feeling of pictures of brisk autumn days and wintry gloamings, and in the dreary monotony of winter, we want to gaze happily at shots of lush foliage and glorious sunlight. Last Thursday I made a simple dinner with some fresh, wonderful ingredients, and we took some pictures of the like we’d be searching for some time in January.

I started with some marrow beans from Rancho Gordo…

… then cooked them up the “Rancho Gordo way”

… and tossed them with chopped red pepper, green pepper (from the farm), tomatoes (from the farm), minced garlic (from our garden), minced marjoram (from our garden), and olive oil.

As another side, I cooked up some fresh corn from the farm stand.

Then I fired up a rocket-hot grill…

… in the breezeway, under the fuschias.

And then grilled up a few turkey burgers seasoned with bunching onions and sage from our own garden.

So, Me from the future, how badly do you want it to be summer yet?



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4 responses to “A Summer Dinner In Photos

  1. Did Pookie eat the corn?

  2. This was actually the infamous corn she tried for the last Picky Eating With Pookie. Oh, the humanity!

  3. Douglas

    Y0ur food shots are so good you should work in the advertising department of a food products company, or for an ad agency that has food company accounts.

  4. ::Blushes:: Thanks so much, Douglas! You’re so sweet! :D

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