Return Of Bambi

Aww! Look who’s back — and he’s brought a friend!

As we raced to take pictures of Bambi, Bambi II, and Bambi’s Mom, we decided to ignore that they’re eating off the delightfully photogenic pile of weeds we’ve accumulated behind our garage. Umm… Just pretend this is a scenic arboreal setting for them.

They grow up so quickly!

And as Boomer cringed at the picture of the mountain of weeds, she loved this one, of which she said, “It makes it look like we live in Honduras or something with that forest!” (We don’t.)


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7 responses to “Return Of Bambi

  1. At least they are only eating the weeds!

    Actually, I think the pile of weeds is concealing a DEER TRAP…a big hole that they fell into once they got too close! Let’s see those pictures!!

    Or maybe the pile is doused with gasoline, and you can just throw a match on there and *poof*…BBQ Bambi!

    You guys are so mean!!!

  2. Pookie

    Kristin, :^:::::::::::::::::::::::::::

  3. Schnookie

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Kristin, that’s too funny! And for the record, we would never barbecue Bambi. Bambi’s mother, yes. But never the cute little babies. :P

    (And they were eating the weeds because we’d just put the fresh-cut pumpkin vines out there. We were saving them the trouble of walking out front to eat the vines out of the pumpkin patch.)

  4. Awww…they are so cute! This is what I love about living in the wild…ya know until the Bears show up. They have no problem with Bambi for din din. =(

  5. Schnookie

    Chaz, I think our problem is that there aren’t enough bears here. We need a few more predators who’ll happily nosh on Bambi!

  6. Well, ours invaded from Pennsyltucky. I’m sure there are a few looking to move East as well as North. In fact, the one running down our highway was running East towards 81, so he may very well have heard there is good food in NJ. Or you could just bait them with some nice BBQ Bambi. I’m sure they won’t resist.


  7. Schnookie

    Dammit! That weed pile is attracting them from miles and miles away! :P

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