A Picture A Day Keeps The Doldrums Away

There have been some recent complaints around here that we don’t post frequently enough, so we thought now is as good a time as any to officially announce our two photography/bloggy endeavors on flickr — Project: Dinner 365 and Project: Garden 365. We were inspired by the awesome Project: 365 community on flickr (one of Pookie’s wildly talented coworkers has participated for two years now), but don’t think we’re good enough photographers to do something that hardcore. But we love taking pictures of our foodstuffs, so we figured it would be fun to regularly take shots of something we have every day — dinner. We’ve been having so much fun with it that we have just decided to up our challenge to a picture a day of our garden, too. So if you come by IPB Living and feel like there aren’t enough posts, you can always get a fix of Maple Hoo goodness over on flickr.

Project: Dinner 365

Project: Garden 365


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12 responses to “A Picture A Day Keeps The Doldrums Away

  1. Iain

    Your photos (and in particular your garden photos) are excellent. I was going to start uploading stuff to Flickr a couple of years ago, and ended up putting up precisely one photo! I should really work on that :)

  2. Pookie

    Aw, thanks, Iain!

    This is the second or third attempt I’ve made at getting into Flickr; it’s only sticking now. It’s all about the Flickr Uploadr. It makes using Flickr so easy! You should definitely give it another go!

  3. I’m so excited for you guys!! (and I have to say, your photos are awesome and I’m having fun following along already!) :) PS. Year two of requiring myself to take a photo every day is soooo much more of a struggle than year one. Maybe I will re-steal the Project365 idea back from you guys and do a “what’s for dinner” week soon. ;)

  4. Schnookie

    Elizabeth, I was so inspired after looking through your amazing photos and was all, “Pookie, we should do this!” And she was all, “Um… Elizabeth says it’s really hard. Let’s just take pictures of dinner instead.” I will say, it’s nice to have an obvious subject every day, but after three months, I’ve completely run out of food styling ideas. Now I’m thinking we need to have, like, a week of NOT dinner pictures. :D

  5. HG

    I too have been getting it about not posting often enough and well my last post was in May so… I guess the complaints are founded.

    I was thinking about the picture-a-day post and when I get home from the wilds, I will try my hardest to start it. But what do you do if you’re on vacation?

    Blogging is hard. :-P

  6. Schnookie

    Yeah! I’ve been taking my frequency-of-posting cues from you, HG! :PPPPP (Just kidding!)

    We bring our laptop with us on vacation, just so we don’t miss a day! Okay, that’s not true. We just upload all the pictures when we get the chance. But still make sure to take a picture every day. I’m not sure how this whole “Picture of Maple Hoo Every Day” thing is going to work. I hadn’t considered that we won’t be at Maple Hoo every day. Hm… This project is already doomed to failure, isn’t it? Blogging really is hard!

  7. Pookie

    I hadn’t considered that we won’t be at Maple Hoo every day.

    I think we get a free pass for every day we’re not at Maple Hoo. At least on the Garden 365 front. We’ve soldiered on with the dinners, even on the days when we’ve had only margaritas or only Pringles for dinner!

    HG, what’s nice about taking and posting a picture a day is that it’s a way to keep up with the blog, but in a totally low-pressure way! And just think — when you do get the Casa, you can do Project: NBL 365! A new picture a day of your fabulous new life!

  8. Schnookie

    Maybe while we’re away we can take pictures of things from Maple Hoo. Like our car, or our luggage. :P

  9. Sarah

    How do you have 69 days worth of dinner already if you just started this?

  10. Schnookie

    We just started the garden one, but we tested the waters with the dinner one before announcing it. :D

  11. I am in heaven! I think I love you!
    Sorry, I don’t mean to be weird, but ever since we moved to Idaho, I’ve been taking pictures of our dinner. I’m not constant, but now that I’ve seen this, I think I’m going to have to make it a daily requirement.

    Almost everyone else in the house has been snickering over my photographing dinner, maybe now I can put it to good use.

    Keep up with the pics! I’m having fun following along. =)

  12. Pookie

    Glad you’re enjoying the project, Olana! As for the snickering, everyone else in the house has no idea what fun they’re missing! We did get some snickers when we took the camera out to dinner on a recent family vacation, and I was convinced we were going to be kicked out of a restaurant in Ottawa for being food spies from a rival restaurant the way we were sneaking around to take pictures of our meals. But it was worth it!

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