Tuber Pommerdoodling!

The potato plants are, officially, completely out of control at this point.

This picture was taking four days ago, and the plants are actually about a quarter again as big now as they were then. If this goes on much longer, they are going to swallow up our house. Which means it’s time to make them sing for their supper. With Kate the Great visiting for the weekend, we decided to take a peek under the soil and pull out some new potatoes. Without putting much effort in, this is the harvest we dug up:

We didn’t have any Yellow Finns near the surface, but we did get a hold of some Desirees…

… All Blues…

… And Banana Fingerlings.

We boiled them up, straight out of the soil, and did a head-to-head taste test. The blues were the clear-cut loser — they were attractive, and held their shape really well, but their flavor was nothing to write home about. They’d be really nice in a potato salad, though. The Banana Fingerlings were exquisite; they were tender but not at all crumbly, and their flavor was rich and buttery. And the Desirees? Out. Of. This. World. When they were very hot they were fluffy and starchy, but when they cooled, they seemed to be much more inclined to a waxier shape-holding. And they tasted, plain, like they’d been buttered and salted to perfection. Last summer we grew Yellow Finns and thought they had to be the single greatest potato on the planet. This summer the Finns in the garden best start producing, because their claim to that title has been seriously challenged by these Desirees.



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7 responses to “Tuber Pommerdoodling!

  1. Myra

    Oh, man! I’m pommerdoodling over your potatoes, too! I used to love boiled new potatoes fresh from the garden. Wonderful summer memory!

  2. Myra

    By the way, have you decided what you are going to plant for the fall, yet?

  3. Last summer was the first time we’d grown potatoes, and we were so amazed at how easy and delicious they were. We came close to committing all of our beds to potatoes this year, actually. SO TASTY!

    We’ve already put in some carrot seeds for Fall harvest, three types of them, and we have about five more varieties that have a shorter growing season that’ll go into the garlic and onion beds when they’re emptied. And we’ve got four types of heirloom soup beans going into the potato beds when they’re empty. Our other Fall crops will be tons of beets, some rutabegas, turnips, and some lettuce.

  4. Myra

    Our other Fall crops will be tons of beets, some rutabegas, turnips, and some lettuce.

    I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you do with your beets, rutabegas and turnips. We had lots of beets and turnips growing up but I wouldn’t eat them until I was a lot older! I don’t think I have ever had rutabega though.

    We ripped out the old deck in our side yard during the spring but then put on hold doing anything with the area until we knew where we were going to be. I’m thinking now of making it a container garden, it gets tons of morning/midday sun but is shaded during the worst of the afternoon heat. So I think things could survive without completely burning up? Ya’ll and Andrew are inspiring me. Even Dave is getting into the idea!

  5. Ooooh! That’s so exciting that now you get to start a garden, too! Hubby’s job news is like the gift that keeps on giving! You will totally have to keep us updated about all your garden news!

    As for the root veggies, I normally just roast them with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Last time we had rutabegas (two years ago), they were crazy sweet, actually, and were totally scrumptious in a roasted mix with the turnips and potatoes. Super yummy — even Pookie liked them! (We got rutabegas from the Farm last summer and they were very bitter.)

  6. (Pookie can’t reach her computer right now because Rollie won’t get off her lap, so she asked me to tell you that she’s pommerdoodling for your garden plans.)

  7. Myra

    Thanks! After life being on hold for nearly six months, I’m pommerdoodling over everything these days!

    I’ve loved any vegetable I’ve ever roasted so that sounds great to me. Thanks for the type.

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