Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day

Okay, so today is Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, a series we absolutely adore. It’s such a great idea to gather pictures from garden bloggers the world over, because it’s a ton of fun to see how things are growing on other parts of the planet, and to see how universal a gardener’s pride is. We’d love to participate today, because we’ve got some exciting veggie blossoms going right now: tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, pumpkins. But it’s 75 billion degrees out with oppressive humidity and merciless sun. We’re afraid our camera will melt if it goes outside. Okay, that’s a lie — we’re afraid we will melt if we go outside. So to celebrate what’s blooming in our garden, here’s a picture of the most blossomy thing around.

Our lawn.

It might be hot, but with all the clover out there, the bees are like… well, bees in clover. Har har.


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