Disaster Nearly Strikes Maple Hoo

It was a dark and stormy night last night… for reals. Our horrible heat wave finally broke violently, as a nasty storm front blew threw. Just as dusk was falling, we were out picking up some carry-out for dinner and heard there was a tornado warning in effect. Now, we live in central Jersey for a lot of reasons, and lack of tornadoes is right near the top of my list. I do not cope well with adverse weather conditions, and so I was in a state of great freaked-out-ness when we got home. The sky was greenish, and there was an almost constant barrage of thunder and lightning. The trees were tossing unhappily, and huge, fat raindrops sounded like rocks hitting the windows.

And then, as I was nervously standing at the sink in the kitchen, getting ready to lay out our spread of Chinese food, I heard it. The unmistakable “CRACK!” overhead. And just like that, in a surprisingly gentle swoop, the entire picture window filled with maple leaves.

There was all manner of consternation as we slowly came to realize that an enormous branch had, in fact, just fallen on our deck, missing the kitchen by mere inches. Boomer bravely stepped outside to give it a sense of perspective:

Rumors started to fly around the house that our beloved maple was in ruins, and that it had taken the dogwood out with it. Through the darkness, all we could see was a single angry bit of broken branch, and to add insult to injury, the storm completely abated pretty much immediately. It all amounted to a spitting of rain and a single gust of wind strong enough to break our favorite tree.

When morning rolled around, though, the tension was relieved, as we discovered it looked like a mess…

… but it really wasn’t that bad. The dogwood was unharmed, and the leafy canopy? Is still pretty leafy.

By 2:00 in the afternoon, all that was left of the whole affair was our memories and photographs.

Years from now we’ll be able to look back on this and laugh. Actually, if I hadn’t written this blog post, years from now we’d probably have turned this into the most ridiculous “big fish” story every. “And then there was that time the maple was cleaved in two by the wind, and an entire half of it fell on the house, shattering windows and nearly killing us all…” So, yeah. This… wasn’t that big a deal. But it’s more excitement than I think we need on a regular basis.


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11 responses to “Disaster Nearly Strikes Maple Hoo

  1. HG

    I vote for a big fish telling of the disaster in… well, soon.

  2. eek! I’m glad to see that the maple wasn’t actually cleaved in two, but I am personally in favor of that version of the story.

  3. Schnookie

    Well, that’s two votes in favor of the cleaving story. Hm. Let’s all just pretend we never read this post, okay? :P

  4. Schnookie

    Thanks, HG! I knew I could count on you! :D

  5. Oh, I got distracted from the tree limb of death because I was like, “Boomer sighting!” Hee!

    That being said, I’m so glad it was just this and not more. We cut down all the trees at my house when I was a kid, so I never have trees any more to worry about. The only thing we get a little stressed over weather-wise besides tornadoes is hail, just because we get a lot of hail storms and we’ve had to replace the roof one time because of it.

  6. Schnookie

    Hail is something I am SO not capable of dealing with. Fortunately, we don’t have it often (or at all that I can remember, to be honest…); hearing you do, Caitlin, is yet another reminder why I’m not planning to move to Dallas anytime soon! :P

    (The main reason I wanted to put these pictures on IPB Living was to use the one of Boomer!)

  7. “Oh, I got distracted from the tree limb of death because I was like, “Boomer sighting!” Hee!”

    Haha, me too!!! I first looked at the pictures before reading the post and I thought, “wait, is that Boomer!?”

  8. Schnookie

    We’re slowly dragging Boomer out of the shadows. Heh heh heh…

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