4 responses to “Hey! Wasn’t That The Name Of Those Scented Dolls When We Were Kids?

  1. Sarah

    I adore strawberry shortcake. If you’re looking for a less soggy one I have a nice recipe for an almond cornmeal one, it sops up the juice but the texture is less biscuity.
    Nice touch serving on your strawberry china :)

  2. I’m ghetto, so I always have my strawberry shortcake in those pre-made shortcake cups you can buy from the store and just pile strawberries and cream in that.

    That being said, this looks a lot better than what I’ve been eating. :p

  3. Thanks for noticing the strawberry plate, Sarah! I’ve never been that big a fan of strawberry shortcake just in general, which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, since I like all the independent components. We all have our foibles, though, right? :P

    Caitlin, we used to eat those shortcake cups when we were kids! I remember once Boomer made shortcake from scratch and we were all like, “Nasty!”

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