I Am Having A Love Affair With This Sandwich

I’ve long been meaning to make these Grilled Chicken Sandwiches with Sage Pesto and Apples, but for some reason I kept coming up with last-minute excuses why I wasn’t going to. I’d get the chicken, and the sage, and the ciabatta rolls… and then I’d make something else with all those things.

Well, tonight I finally committed. First I whipped up the pesto, then I rolled the grill under the covered walkway between the garage and house, and with a torrential downpour raging on all sides, grilled up the chicken. The whole affair took about 45 minutes, and that included lighting the grill. I can’t believe I talked myself out of this so many times! It couldn’t have been easier!

I added some gouda to these, because I’m not the world’s biggest apple fan, so I wanted to have a cheesy element as well. And you know what? It was divine. After I took my first bite, Pookie asked me how the sandwiches turned out, and the best way I could describe it was to declare, “I’m making these every day for the rest of my life.” That might be a bit of hyperbole, but seriously, this was ridonkulously good.



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8 responses to “I Am Having A Love Affair With This Sandwich

  1. Iain

    Nice to see some crisps in the foreground there – if there’s a sandwich that can’t be improved by the addition of crisps, I’ve yet to find it.

    Sadly, the word “pesto” sends me running for the hills, due to my intense aversion to basil.

  2. I am totally going through a potato chip (or “crisp” :D) renaissance lately. I’m all gung-ho to make tons of sandwiches this summer, just as an excuse to have chips.

    Now, what’s all this about an aversion to basil? I can’t even imagine! It’s a good thing you’re not planning a cultural exchange to spend summer eating at Maple Hoo… once we hit high summer, it’s all tomatoes and basil all the time. (This pesto, by the way, was sage and parsley — no basil in sight!)

  3. Iain

    Yeah, it’s a real pain – I wish I liked the stuff, as it seems to be one of the most commonly used ingredients in the world! But sadly, it’s on my (actually quite small) list of foods I *cannot* eat (along with parsnips and haggis, nationality notwithstanding!).

    Inspired by Maple Hoo, however, I am about to try growing three tomato plants for the first time ever! They’re sitting in front of me, begging to be transferred to the garden – by the weekend, they shall be out in the elements!

  4. Well, I guess we all have our limits, and while I draw the line at bananas, coconut, and beef, yours is at basil, parsnips, and haggis. As Boomer would say, that’s what makes a horserace. It’s like the Disneyland “It’s A Small World” ride, only instead of the message being that we’re all humans, despite our nationalities, the message is really that we’re all humans, despite our bizarre tastes in food. :D

    I’m so excited for your tomato plants! You must keep us updated on them! I’m so happy that we could inspire you — I hope things go well, so you don’t hate us for driving you to gardening. Heh. (And I hope they go well so you have delicious tomatoes, of course…)

  5. I’m so honored to have been part of inspiring you to garden! I hope your tomatoes grow big and tall!

  6. Iain

    The plants are definitely tall – I think they are overdue their proper planting, but they’re going in either tomorrow or Saturday – I’ll take some lame pictures, and show you the diametric opposite of your lovely garden!

  7. Sarah

    I happen to have made this same basic sandwich before and think that gouda and apple and sage pesto are the most heavenly combo ever.

  8. I’ll take some lame pictures, and show you the diametric opposite of your lovely garden!

    HA! If it’s any help at all while you get your garden going, we only show you the pictures of our success stories! There are a handful of bedraggled pepper plants in our garden right now saying, “Hey, why don’t you ever take pictures of us?” And we just shush them and try to hide them out of sight.

    Sarah, it’s really true. Apple, gouda, and sage pesto is one of nature’s great power combos.

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