10 responses to “Farm 2008: The Berries Ripen

  1. Okay, I’ll be over tomorrow night for some strawberry themed deliciousness!

  2. Meg

    I’m so jealous I think I might actually be green right now.

  3. About the strawberry-themed deliciousness tomorrow… Um… well… you remember the strawberries? Well, we, uh… ate them all. Already. Heh.

    Aw, Meg, surely there are nice berries for the taking in NYC! :D

  4. Schnookie, as soon as I posted that comment I said to myself, “wait, those berries are totally gone already!”

  5. HA! Thank goodness you didn’t drive all the way out here for them, then! But maybe there will be more next Monday. :P

  6. I gasped when I saw the strawberries! I love strawberries!!!!! I am sooooo jealous!!

  7. Oh I was totally going to say that you should make some fresh strawberry shortcake with these… but of course they are all gone already. It would have been weird if you had some left over! But they look SO good, and the photos turned out awesome!

  8. Pookie has been most insistent that we have strawberry shortcake, so I think I might have to stop at a farm stand or go to the orchard that has pick-your-own berries to pick up some more. :D

  9. I’m green with envy, dammit! So envious. Stupid lack of farms around that I can do this with in Dallas….

  10. I’m sorry, Caitlin! But you’ve got farmers’ markets up the wazoo. So there’s that!

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