4 responses to “Farm 2008: So It Begins

  1. Sarah

    Did anyone look at you funny for taking so many pictures? I made croutons for our salad the other night, too. I forgot how much I like them!

  2. Salads are just an excuse for eating croutons! How could you forget them? Were you distracted by all the raisins? See — raisins ruin everything! :P

    I felt kind of self-conscious with my camera until I walked past someone who wasn’t even picking any produce. She was just out in the field with a really fancy camera, snapping away. A few years ago I used to run into one guy regularly who told me that he only went out in the fields to take pictures. So I hope I didn’t stand out too much.

  3. I’m so envious of your salad AND your farm share!

  4. Hee hee! Just wait until you see when the good stuff starts pouring in — the potatoes and tomatoes and summer squashes… Of course, when I start showing how MUCH of it all that we get, I don’t think anyone will be envious. :P

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