Pretty Things At Work

My office happens to be located in the most beautiful part of a ridiculously beautiful campus. We have a strict “no photographs” policy there, but lately I haven’t been able to resist whipping out my iPhone and snapping some pictures to share with Pookie and Boomer of the prettiest stuff I see as part of my daily grind.

First, there was the fluffy-blossomed tree next to my parking lot:

Just three days after I took these pictures, the tree was entirely leafed out, without a single blossom in sight.

But at 5:00 in the evening in mid-April, the entire white canopy was filled with buzzing bees.

A month later, the blossoms are long forgotten, but there are new flowers to take their place.

The iris beds around the circular drive in front of my building are outrageous:

And better than that, there’s the wall of ancient rhododendrons along the walk from my parking lot.

Rhododendrons are my very favorite flower/shrub/evergreen/whatever. I adore them. They feel so incredibly lush and mysterious and English manor house-y, and of course we only have one at stately IPB Manor, and it’s only knee high. So until ours becomes monumental, I’ll have to be happy with these.

These’ll do, though.



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17 responses to “Pretty Things At Work

  1. HG

    1. What’s with the “no photography” rule?
    2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a rhodododobirdiedontrosaurus before. My favourite bush/tree/shrub/greenery is the magnolia. Once the interminable casa search is over, I want to plant one. Or 78.

  2. We have a pretty straggly magnolia here; next Spring I’ll be sure to take a picture of it for you!

    Hey, only like (um… quick math… nope, it’s too hard) 30-or-so sleeps until we descend on Ottawa for the Draft! WOO-HOO!

  3. I work for an R&D-y company, so there are lots of trade secrets lying around at work. They’re very protective of the proprietary information, but I don’t think that extends to the pretty plantings around the grounds. :D

    And I am TOTALLY Pommerdoodling that we’re going to be hanging out in Ottawa soon! Maybe the interminable casa search will be over by then and you’ll have new digs to show us!!

  4. Wow, those are beautiful! You work in such an amazing surrounding! I’m filled with concrete and cars! Why can’t you take pictures?

  5. Sarah

    Our rhodi is getting quite lush and I’ll send along a picture in the next day or two. I’m amused at the thought of trade secrets being posted by the flowers.

  6. I’m amused at the thought of trade secrets being posted by the flowers.

    HAHAHA!!! Seriously! They can roll out the whiteboards with all the brainstorm sessions on them, or all the cutting-edge technologies and formulae to pose among the blossoms while I snap pictures! (I really am so lucky, though, to got to work here. It’s insanely beautiful every day of the year.)

  7. HG

    I’m amused at the thought of people just walking around and dropping their big ideas on the ground. You know because napkins fall out of pockets easily. Or maybe the trees eavesdrop. You know what that is? Treevsdropping. …….. I amuse myself. That’s all that matters. :P

  8. :^:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I’m never going to trust another tree at work again!

  9. The blooms are just to hide the microphones. :D

    I took a vacation a few years ago and drove through and near the Smoky Mountains. There were parts we drove through where the rhododendrons were growing wild and there were just HUGE thickets of them. I didn’t even know what rhododendrons were before then and I’ve wanted one ever since.

    You really do have beautiful views. My window looks out onto the freeway. It has its pluses and minuses. Very few pretty trees, but I can watch storms come in.

  10. Treevsdropping.

    Oh noes! I’ll never think when I’m around trees again!

    Wild rhododendrons are the most awesomest things ever. There are a bunch in the woods behind our house and they’re just so beautiful.

    My office window overlooks a vacant lot that used to have a big building until it burned to the ground in one afternoon. No rhodies for me!

  11. Since I’m terrified of ticks, I’ve never been in the woods behind our house, so I had no idea that there were wild rhodies out there! The only time I’d really ever noticed the phenomenon was when we drove up to Buffalo in March of last year. With the trees all bare along the highway, you could see the stands of rhododendrons in the woods. I bet they’re even nicer in the Smokey Mountains, though.

    And Patty, I hear you about how nice it is to see storms rolling in. When we lived in Arizona, I desperately missed the East Coast lushness, but really loved watching storms.

  12. that tree is crazy and wonderful… it almost looks like a tree with marshmallows for blossoms. It must be nice to work someplace that’s actually PRETTY. I can’t imagine what that’s like. The photos turned out awesome, by the way. And you took them with an iphone? Now I want one even more.

  13. It was like a marshmallow tree! And I have to say, Pookie’s shown me some pictures of your library’s surrounds… I’m not willing to trade workplaces with you guys. :P

    The iPhone’s camera has really surprised me. I took the iris and rhododendron pictures on a really windy day while I was holding the iPhone in the same hand with my lunchbag, water bottle, purse, car keys and umbrella. It was not optimal picture-taking conditions, to say the least. It’s such a little trooper, the iPhone camera!

  14. And I have to say, Pookie’s shown me some pictures of your library’s surrounds… I’m not willing to trade workplaces with you guys. :P

    Oh yeah? This morning, did you have a truck at your workplace that had a giant picture on the side of baked goods with a Pilsbury Doughboy who’d been very poorly turned into a bear named, apparently, “Bimbo”? No, you did not! See, my workplace ROCKS!

  15. Okay, no, I can’t compete with that, Pookie.

  16. hahaha. wow, I didn’t even see that one. But am I surprised? No, not really.

  17. But am I surprised? No, not really.

    “Bimbo” is probably the patron saint of where we work.

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