A Fruity Brew

Every week or ten days, Boomer heads into town to pick up a couple of growlers of beer from Triumph Brewery in Princeton. This week she brought home a framboise that completely blew our minds. This was so insanely delicious — it was crisp and sweet and a little tart. It was also a gentle touch, not overly cloying or heavy. And the color! Oh, the color!

We drank this on cheese night, the night when we eat a platter of our Cheese of the Month selections from Artisanal. One of the cheeses in this month’s platter was a smoked bleu cheese that was good enough to marry. Between that and the beer, life was almost impossibly good.



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8 responses to “A Fruity Brew

  1. Sarah

    Smoked Bleu Cheese. To me that is what a banana rolled in coconut is to you. But your beer looks good!

  2. Mwa ha ha ha ha! Someday, if we ever have a “gross each other out” potluck, I’ll know what to bring!

  3. I love me some framboise.

    What were your other cheeses?

    I always think about doing the Artisanal thing, but since I work with cheese every day, it seems kind of redundant. But I can still be jealous of you…

  4. The others were a Monte Enebro and a Laguiole Vieux. The bleu was our favorite this month, but they were all delish. I can see how doing Cheese of the Month might be a bit much when you’re already working amongst the cheeses every day.

    Framboise is crazy good, isn’t it?

  5. Oh my goodness! Monte Enebro is one of my favorites!!! (although, that is not really saying much, since that list is pretty long!)

    Laguiole, not so much…although this year’s batch that we got was much better than last year’s.

    Damn, now I want some Monte Enebro!

  6. I actually liked the Laguiole more than the Monte Enebro, but that might have just been my mood that day. I’m normally much more in the Monte Enebro-ish camp. Of course, the bleu blew them both out of the water, so it’s kind of a moot point. :D

  7. I love that about cheese…one day you can love it and a week later be “meh” over it. My tastes seem to change with the seasons. Sometimes I love goat, sometimes it’s too goat-y. Most times I hate blue, but once in a while I just gotta have some.

    Although it can be a bummer when you’re like, “yeah! drunken goat!” and then you’re like, “oh. i wasn’t really in the mood for that.”

    Was the bleu Rogue River Smokey Bleu or something else?

  8. It was indeed the Rogue River Smokey Bleu! You are such a pro, Kristin! I’m normally not as gung-ho about blues as Pookie is, but this one was out of this world. Or, again, just exactly what I was looking for that day. It really is true that some days you like one thing and other days it’s something else. How marvelous that there are so many cheeses in the world to fit all our fickle moods!

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