We Love Columbines And Our New Camera

Every Spring Boomer hopes her wee little columbine plants will bloom, and up until this year, they never did. Pookie and I would roll our eyes and mutter lots of, “That’s nice, Boomer” every time she talked about them, then we’d forget all about them. So color us shocked when, early this past week, she said, “Be sure to check out the columbines — they’re blooming!”

Of course, the columbines have been planted in a weird little nook at the back of the house, so we have to go out of our way to see them. We’re not very smart, so it took us a really long time to realize that one way to enjoy the lovely flowers would be to cut them and put them in a vase inside. It’s like a whole new world has opened up for us!

So here are Boomer’s columbines, and a bit of fun with our new camera.



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2 responses to “We Love Columbines And Our New Camera

  1. Sarah

    My columbine is up too and blooming and I was looking at it and thinking about Boomer because last year when I asked her about it (should I deadhead? would it keep blooming?) she gave me the sad answer that no, it just looks pretty for a little while and then it’s done. But nonetheless, I am enjoying it and did take a big close up picture of it (which I have yet to put up.) Also, did you pick those radishes on the banner from your garden? We just planted ours so they are wee little seedlings still.

  2. Columbines are so weird — they grow these incredibly intricate, involved flowers, and then they’re just done. While they’re certainly lovely, they don’t entirely make sense to me. :D

    Our radishes are all very wee, too, but Pookie’s been convinced we’d be eating them this weekend, so we decided to go ahead and pick these two, because they were the biggest. Neither one had a diameter bigger than my pinky finger. But they were still pretty tasty!

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