Pretending To Be Cooler Bloggers Than We Are

We’ve lately developed an addiction to garden and food blogs written by people who are a zillion times cooler and more talented than we are. One such blog is White On Rice Couple, which features incredible stories, recipes, and pictures. While perusing their garden posts, we came across the recipe for the So Cal Sunrise Cocktail, which I just had to try. I didn’t have any blood oranges on hand, so I used regular oranges, but other than that, I didn’t make any changes.

I mixed these up for us after a few hours of toiling in the garden — please note the sprig of lilac from our one scraggly lilac tree. We didn’t even realize we had any lilacs until a couple of weeks ago, when Pookie spotted them in the middle of a deer tick-infested brushy corner of our backyard. Boomer really earned her cocktail by venturing in there to cut those blossoms for us. Anyway, the drink is outrageously good. It’s really sweet, but not at all cloying, and very fresh with a lot of citrusy zing. I’m thinking of making up a thermos of them to sip at work tomorrow.


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One response to “Pretending To Be Cooler Bloggers Than We Are

  1. Wow, thanks for the write up and for reading us. It’s great to know that there are other garden enthusiasts out there.
    Anyone who is making a So Cal Sunrise and wanting to take a thermos of it to work is beyond COOL and TALENTED in our book! We like you already!
    BTW- Finally, our garden video will be up by next week! Come by for a tour! :)

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