Maple Hoo’s First Harvest Of 2008

WOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! We had our first harvest today! Pookie calculated when we planted the first wave of radishes and when the package said they’d be ready to harvest, and she came up with last weekend as the target date. It was abundantly clear to us all that they were not ready to come up last weekend, but this weekend we decided to take another peek at them. Two of them, one Purple Plum and one French Breakfast, didn’t seem huge, per se, but they didn’t seem not-radishy. So we went for it.

Look how lovely they are! Also, look how small:

Despite their ridiculous tininess, we were still able to slice these bad boys into thirds so we could each try them. The French Breakfast was earthy and rich, just fantastically delicious. And the Purple Plum was completely atomic spicy radishy. I can’t wait until more of them grow in so we can try them out on buttered bread, my absolute favorite way to eat radishes!



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2 responses to “Maple Hoo’s First Harvest Of 2008

  1. For some reason we couldn’t get the camera to work when we were trying to take pictures of these wee little things all sliced up. It was pretty hilarious, each one of these cut into thirds. It’s like when we get a single strawberry harvest, and cut it into equal parts for all of us to share. We got VERY scant tastes of radish from this harvest. :D

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