Happy Boomer Day!

Mother’s Day means we pull out all the stops for Boomer, and “pulling out all the stops” means a fancy-schmancy cake from Chez Alice in Princeton.

Boomer selected the “Pink Passion”, which is layers of sponge cake with passion fruit and raspberry mousses. This is kind of an adventurous choice for us, but the rationale was that we have so much chocolatey dessertage here at Maple Hoo that it was worth it to try some flavors we don’t often make for ourselves. And it was an excellent choice — the mousses are tart and tangy and fruity and fresh, and the whole thing is light and smooth and heavenly.

Good thing I accidentally ordered a pizza-sized version of this — we’ll be eating it all week!



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5 responses to “Happy Boomer Day!

  1. HG

    Doesn’t a pizza-sized version mean you get to eat more than one slice a la regular pizza? All week… pfffttt… :P

    Happy Boomer Day, Boomer! You sound like a really cool Boomer to have.

  2. Um… we, uh, might be eating more than one piece a day… for the next week. Heh.

    Boomer says, “Thanks! Although she’s probably sadly mistaken about me being cool.” (Boomer has no idea. :D)

  3. Liz

    Mmmmm! Chez Alice is where our wedding cake came from – complete with alternating layers of blueberry and apricot filling. I can still taste the cake. Boomer’s cake looks like it was pretty tasty too.

  4. Liz, I remember your wedding cake was both gorgeous and delicious. I was tipsy enough by the time I ate it, though, that I couldn’t remember what flavor it was! :D

  5. Oh man, Liz, your wedding cake was SOOOOO tasty!

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