A Very Boomer Lunch

Today we had a barbecue lunch for Boomer, and then picnicked on the deck while she opened her Boomer Day presents.

While the presents were really the main course, we were also a bit interested in the food. I decided to give a new recipe (for me) a try: Grilled Chicken with Tamarind-Orange Glaze. I made the sauce on Wednesday night, and it took about an hour to reduce down to a nice glaze-y consistency. It wasn’t terribly happy about having been refrigerated for a few days, but a vigorous reheating this morning cured it of its problems.

The chicken grilled up beautifully, and I whipped up some basmati rice and grilled some pineapple to go with it all.

This was a scrumptious meal. The tamarind-orange sauce was a bit too tamarind tangy on its own, but as a glaze it was really fantastic. It was fresh and zesty and a bit outside of my comfort zone (I’ve never cooked with tamarind before), so it was a special treat to try something new. But again, the main point of the picnic was Boomer’s presents, so the real test will be to see how this holds up without a party attached. I think it’ll do that well.


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