Lessons Learned #1

Dear Gentlewoman Farmer Pookie In The Future,

This is Gentlewoman Farmer Pookie Of The Past, here, giving you some gardening advice. You should be reading this letter in January. It’s cold out, the garden beds are all covered over in straw. You’ve been nose-deep in the Seeds of Change, Sand Hill Preservation, and Seed Savers Exchange catalogs for weeks. You’re starting to get antsy to plant some stuff but if you’re anything like I was this year, you’re going to rein yourself in. You’re going to be dreaming of fresh, crisp Spring lettuce but you’re going to say, “But it’s too early! It’s too cold!” NO! No it isn’t!

Look at this:

Isn’t it beautiful? This is what image has been dancing around your head, right? A cute little bright green Butterking lettuce head growing bigger and tastier every day. Looks great, right?


Because I waited too late, because I was scared of a little thing called “before the last frost”, the rest of the lettuce looks like this:

It’s May. And all there is is dirt. Dirt, dirt everywhere.

What I’m trying to say is PLANT YOUR LETTUCE EARLIER. I could be earmarking next weekend for an early Spring greens salad, but nooo-OOO-ooo. I’m going to be eating a bowl full of dirt. Don’t be like me. Put those lettuce seeds in as soon as the soil can be worked. You won’t regret it.

Hugs and Kisses,
Gentlewoman Farmer Pookie Of The Past



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6 responses to “Lessons Learned #1

  1. HG

    I’ve always wanted to try a dirt salad. :)

  2. HG! Long time, no see! What’s up? I think a dirt salad has it’s time and place, but I reeeeealy want a Spring greens salad, you know? :D

  3. HG

    Um… Not much is up… still on the search de la casa so it’s kinda draining. Plus our agent has been really busy and I’m feeling a bit snarky at her for not making time for us. Anyway… Only 2 months of work left before the summer…

    A Spring greens salad does sound delicious! I guess dirt really isn’t in season right now.

  4. Hey HG! I’m so sorry your casa agent is being a drip. How annoying! If she’s not making time for you, maybe it’s time for a new agent. Heh. (Like I would ever react that way if I was in your shoes. And if I was in your shoes, I’d be in sparkly shoes, which would be awesome! :P)

    That’s REALLY great that summer’s right around the corner! WOOOO!!!

    And sadly, dirt is just about the only thing that’s in season right now. Although the greens are so close I can almost taste them…

  5. HG

    (Like I would ever react that way if I was in your shoes. And if I was in your shoes, I’d be in sparkly shoes, which would be awesome! :P)

    Or rainbow-y ones! I got new polka-dot ones too for this summer. I am also wearing a shirt today that says “I LOVE SUMMER” in giant silver letters. :D

    I’d be willing to bet a dirt salad tastes like my All Bran Buds.

    I love the bunny pic! I yelled, “BUNNY!” and no one heard.

  6. HG, it goes without saying that you have the very best shoes! :D

    I am so delighted with the bunny picture, too. We’ve got a family of bunnies that gambols around our yard in the afternoons, and they’re so cute (as long as they’re not eating anything in the garden, mind you…)! This one let us walk practically right up to it! I think I might have heard you shouting “BUNNY!” :P

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