Crop Update: Onions And Radishes

Our onions are starting to look like actual plants now, instead of just seedlings:

And meanwhile, in the next bed over, the radishes are rapidly expanding. Some of them are even growing their second leaves:

What’s sort of hilarious about the radish arrangement is that we laid that whole bed out with a very ambitious design that involved two types of radishes and four types of lettuce. We had concentric diamonds of lettuce, and then chevrons of radishes between them, everything to be direct-sown in successive plantings. Which is all well and good, assuming your seeds actually take. Which the lettuce did not. So now we have chevrons of radishes and big empty expanses where there is no lettuce. Which is probably a good thing, because we completely forgot to allot space in our planning for our pepper plants. Now it looks like we’ll have chevrons of radishes radiating out from a clump of peppers.



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4 responses to “Crop Update: Onions And Radishes

  1. You say chevron, I say flying-V. Don’t tell me Pronger has convinced you to join the dark side!

  2. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! It’s totally a flying V of radishes!

  3. (Actually, once the successive plantings come in, it’ll look more like those awful Canucks sweaters from the ’70s, and much less pervasively Ducks-ish.)

  4. Radishes fly together!

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